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ProTeam Vacuum Wands

ProTeam Vacuum Cleaner Wands

ProTeam offers a wide variety of vacuum wands, most of the longer ones are either telescopic or two piece sets. Another defining feature is how the wand connects to attachments. Most either connect via a friction fit or use a button lock mechanism. Additionally, some wands they offer are tapered and transition from the usual 1.5" diameter size to 1.25", like the ProTeam 54" One-Bend Tapered Chrome Wand, which will let you use many different types of vacuum attachments with your commercial vacuum. Even if you are satisfied with your current vacuum wand, you may want to add a couple different ones for increased versatility and the ability to tackle even the most difficult cleaning tasks you may encounter.
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ProTeam 101338 Aluminum Wands - 1.5" |
SKU: PRO-101338
On Sale For:$79.99
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ProTeam 101784 Button Lock Straight Wand |
SKU: PRO-101784
On Sale For:$29.99
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ProTeam 106053 2 Piece Chrome Wand |
SKU: PRO-106053
On Sale For:$52.99
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ProTeam 24" to 40" Chrome Telescopic Wand with Button Lock
SKU: PRO-106343
On Sale For:$43.99
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Pro-Team 2pc Aluminum
On Sale For:$49.99
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ProTeam 42" to 59" Aluminum Telescoping Wand
SKU: PRO-106290
On Sale For:$107.99
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ProTeam 49" One-Piece, Two-Bend Aluminum Wand with Aluminum Coupling
SKU: PRO-106293
On Sale For:$86.99
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ProTeam 54" One-Bend Tapered Chrome Wand
SKU: PRO-100136
On Sale For:$59.99
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ProTeam 54" Two Piece Friction Fit, One Bend Aluminum Wand with Button Lock
SKU: PRO-102266
On Sale For:$92.99
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ProTeam 56" One Piece 2-Bend Aluminum Wand
SKU: PRO-100102
On Sale For:$93.99
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ProTeam 59" 1-Piece Friction Fit, Aluminum Straight Wand
SKU: PRO-105695
On Sale For:$90.99
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ProTeam 59" Two Piece Friction Fit, Aluminum Wand
SKU: PRO-105693
On Sale For:$77.21
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ProTeam 60" Straight Extension Wand
SKU: PRO-100104
On Sale For:$79.99
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ProTeam ProGuard 4 Straight Handle
SKU: PRO-107190
On Sale For:$38.99
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ProTeam 13" Curved Chrome Wand
SKU: PRO-100167
On Sale For:$33.99
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ProTeam 13" Curved Chrome Wand with Button Lock
SKU: PRO-103505
On Sale For:$25.99
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Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 products) Result Pages: 1
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