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Compare Maytag Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Compare Maytag Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Scroll down to compare the features and specifications of all Maytag upright vacuums sold by eVacuumStore. All products come with free shipping and a generous warranty package. To find out more about a particular model, hover your mouse over the images and double-click to take yourself to the product page.

Maytag M500   Maytag M700  Maytag M1200
 Maytag M500 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Maytag M700 Upright Vacuum Cleaner 
 Maytag M1200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
 Price  Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued
 30 Day In Home Trial    ✔   
 Free Shipping   ✔  ✔
 Warranty   3 Years   4 Years  5 Years 
 Assembled in USA    
 Color  White Cloud    White Cloud  White Cloud  
 Weight  9 Lbs.   20 Lbs.  18.75 Lbs.
 Bagged      ✔
 Bag Type  M500 HEPA Media Bags  M700 HEPA Media Bags  M1200 HEPA Media Bags
 Full Bag Indicator  ✘   
 Two Motors  1 Motor  1 Motor  
 Motor Amps 5.5  12   12
 Kevlar® Lifetime Belt 
 ✔  ✔
 Xenon Headlight       LED Headlight
 Neoprene Wheels     
 Adjustable Suction   
 Magnetic Hose Clamps      
 ABS Plastic     
 Cord Length   30 ft.   35 ft.  35 ft.
 Telescopic Wand   
 Attachment Hose Cleaning Radius     11 ft.  17 ft.
 Lays Down Flat   
 Reset Button   
 Maytag Upholstery Tool     
 Maytag Crevice Tool     
 Maytag Dusting Brush     
 ABS Plastic   
 Height Adjustment     
 Brushroll Type  Wooden  Metal Metal 
 Metal Bottom Plate       
 Replaceable Brushroll Bristles    

 Ergonomic Handle   

These three upright Maytag vacuum cleaners combine the power of a commercial vacuum with the features of residential models. All of the following vacuum cleaners are designed and assembled right in the United States, so owners can rest assured that they are sturdy, efficient, and made to last. 

For those in search of a lightweight vacuum with the same cleaning power as its heavier counterparts, look no further than the Maytag M500 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, the company's lightest model. Weighing in at only nine pounds, the M500 is easy to carry up stairs and is easily maneuverable over carpeting and hardwood alike. Its Neoprene wheels glide over any floor surface without the risk of damage. Its speed settings can be changed with just the touch of a button on its handle, and a 30 foot cord allows for a generous cleaning radius. A xenon headlight on the front of the vacuum provides added visibility when vacuuming under beds or other low furnishings. When you're done vacuuming, the cord wraps conveniently around the back of the housing for storage. Maytag's M500 comes with a three year warranty. 

The rugged Maytag M700 Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes equipped with a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool for vacuuming your entire home from floor to ceiling. With a cleaning radius of over 11 feet, the versatile M700 makes easy work of cleaning surfaces throughout your home. A switch on the power nozzle cover clearly differentiates its carpet setting from its floor/tool setting for easy and efficient cleaning on any type of flooring. This sturdy vacuum cleaner features a metal brushroll and metal bottom plate. Although it is difficult to damage this vacuum cleaner, it is backed with a four year warranty. 

The magnum opus of this dynamic line is the Maytag M1200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Its poof-proof bag and six stages of advanced filtration to make the air as clean as possible, so allergy and asthma sufferers can breathe easy. Moreover, the M1200 comes manufactured with a wedge-shaped groove on its sturdy bag housing that helps pop bags into place. Its patented Kevlar® belt comes with a lifetime warranty and is engineered to never break or stretch. The M1200's two high-speed motors allow users to easily pick up dust and debris in just three passes, saving time and energy. The M1200's six height adjustment settings helps users flawlessly transition from carpet to tile and vice-versa. Needfiore to reach behind furniture? Try out Maytag's seventeen foot extendable hose. Want a little more length? Attach a seven-foot extension hose and marvel at how easily you can glide from room to room. Want even more length? Attach an adjustable, telescopic wand to the end of your hose, and you're in business. For even more peace of mind, the M1200 comes with a five year warranty. 

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