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Compare Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers

Scroll down to compare the features and specifications of all Dyson airblade hand dryers sold by eVacuumStore. All products come with free shipping and a generous warranty package. To find out more about a particular model, hover your mouse over the images and double-click to take yourself to the product page.

  Dyson AB02 Airblade   Dyson AB04 Airblade  Dyson AB12 Airblade V  Dyson AB14 Airblade
Dyson  Dyson AB02 Airblade Hand Dryer, Aluminum  Dyson AB04 Airblade Hand Dryer  Dyson AB12 Nickel Airblade V Hand Dryer  Dyson AB14 Airblade Hand Dryer 
Price   $1,699.00  $1,349.00  $799.00  $1,349.00
 Free Shipping   
 Warranty  5 Years Parts
1 Year Labor
 5 Year Parts
1 Year Labor
 5 Year Parts
1 Year Labor
 5 Years Parts
1 Year Labor
 Product Weight  32.2 Lbs  22 Lbs  6.17 Lbs  18.1 Lbs
 Filtration Type  HEPA  HEPA  HEPA  HEPA
 Color  Aluminum  Steel Gray or Ice White  Nickel or White   Gray
 Hand Dry Time Measurement  12 seconds  12 seconds  12 minutes  12 seconds
 Operation Lock-Out Period  30 seconds  30 seconds  30 seconds  30 seconds
 Operating Temperature Range  32-104 F  32-104 F  32-104 F  32-104 F
 Airspeed  400 mph  400 mph  420 mph  420 mph
 Operating Airflow  66 CFM  68 CFM  66 CFM  66 CFM
 Sound Power Level  84 dB  84 dB  84 dB  81 dB
 Dyson Airblade Hand Drying Technology     
 Dyson Digital Motor Technology      
Food-Safe Environment Approved    
 Anti-Microbial Additives  
Input Voltage  110-120V   110-120V  110-120V 110-120V 
 Motor Power 1400W   1400W  1400W  1400W
 Motor Speed 81,000 RPM   81,000 RPM  92,000 RPM  81,000 RPM
 Casing Construction Aluminum ABS Polycarbonate  ABS Polycarbonate  ABS Polycarbonate
 Quiet Operation   
 Touch-free Operation   
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