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Compare Eureka Central Vacuum Units

Scroll down to compare the features and specifications of all Eureka central vacuums sold by eVacuumStore. All products come with free shipping and a generous warranty package. To find out more about a particular model, hover your mouse over the images and double-click to take yourself to the product page.

  Eureka ECV5200
 Eureka ECV5300
 Eureka ECV5400
 Eureka ECV5500
 Eureka ECV5600
 Eureka Yellow Jacket
  Eureka Zuum ECV5200 Central Vacuum Eureka Zuum ECV5300 Central Vacuum Eureka Zuum ECV5400 Central Vacuum Eureka Zuum ECV5500 Central Vacuum Eureka Zuum ECV5600 Central Vacuum Eureka Yellow Jacket Central Vacuum
 Price Discontinued  Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued
 Free Shipping
 7 Year Motor and Electrical
 7 Year Motor and Electrical
10 Year Motor and Electrical 
10 Year Motor and Electrical 
10 Year Motor and Electrical 
 1 Year Warranty
 Air Watts
 550  575  600  640  640  400
 106  120  120  125  125
 Motor Amperage
 13.3  13.75  13.5  14.6  14.6 10
 Maximum sq. footage
 6500  8000  10,000  12,000  12,000 2,500
 Dust Capacity
 6.3 gal
 6.3 gal
 6.3 gal
 6.3 gal
 6.3 gal
1 gal
 Dimensions  38.2'' H X 14.5'' D
 38.2'' H X 14.5'' D
38.2'' H X 14.5" D
 38.2'' H X 14.5'' D
 38.2'' H X 14.5'' D
 14.5'' H X 7'' D
Filtration  HEPA HEPA
 HEPA  HEPA  HEPA Motor Filter
On/OFF LED Button
Motor Fault LED Button
 Empty Dirt Receptacle LED Button
 Dust Bin Release
 Reset LED Button
 LCD Screen
 Temperature Customization

 System Alerts
 System Checks Menu
 Utility Valve
 Internal Sound Muffler
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