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Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Repair Parts

Whether you're looking for large sections of replacement housing, small handle bottom plate screws, or anything in between, we offer a vast selection of repair parts that will get your Oreck vacuum cleaner back in working condition. For more information about any of the replacement Oreck vacuum cleaner parts we carry, or for assistance choosing the right parts for your particular model, please call (866) 972-8227. 
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Oreck 2pc Aluminum
On Sale For:$59.99
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Oreck Bottom Plate
SKU: ORE-09-75715-03
On Sale For:$65.99
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Oreck Bumper Assembly
SKU: ORE-75181-04
On Sale For:$19.19
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Oreck Cordless Vacuum Charger
SKU: ORE-PR8100-BS15
On Sale For:$23.94
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Oreck Dirt Cup Assembly
SKU: EVAC-P-00016507
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Oreck Dutchtech Circuit Board
SKU: ORE-82093-01
On Sale For:$89.99
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Oreck Head Light
SKU: HOOREP-32-7624-02
On Sale For:$4.99
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Oreck MC1000 Bag Holder
SKU: EVAC-P-00015194
On Sale For:$11.99
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Oreck Rechargable Battery
On Sale For:$44.95
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Oreck Upright Vacuum Bag Dock Kit
SKU: ORE-09-75657-01
On Sale For:$25.99
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Oreck  7613307 Outer Cloth Bag |
SKU: ORE-76133-07
On Sale For:$70.99
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Oreck 09-75430-16 Square Green Top Cover |
SKU: ORE-09-75430-16
On Sale For:$44.99
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Oreck 097720803 Anti-Microbial Grip |
SKU: ORE-097720803
On Sale For:$30.99
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Oreck 100C/9100C Pivot Intake
SKU: ORE-09-75066-02
On Sale For:$13.19
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Oreck 175 & Big Foot Elbow Pivot Cap
SKU: ORE-325279
On Sale For:$13.62
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Oreck 175 Power Nozzle Clamp
SKU: ORE-6712
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Oreck 2000 Series Switch Cover
SKU: ORE-09-75266-01
On Sale For:$12.90
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Oreck 2100/2800 Series Plastic Detent
SKU: ORE-75299-01
On Sale For:$16.79
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Oreck 2100HH Blue Bag Clip
SKU: ORE-09-75078-09
On Sale For:$16.02
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Oreck 2600 Nozzle Housing
SKU: ORE-09-75429-03
On Sale For:$83.89
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Oreck 2600/9600 Base Plate
SKU: ORE-09-75715-01
On Sale For:$95.66
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Oreck 30000955 Handle Cover |
SKU: ORE-430000955
On Sale For:$13.99
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Oreck 430000201 Cord Wrap |
SKU: ORE-430000201
On Sale For:$7.99
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Oreck 430000882 Felt Inlet Seal |
SKU: ORE-430000882
On Sale For:$6.99
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Oreck 430000885 Felt Fan Gasket |
SKU: ORE-430000885
On Sale For:$7.99
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Oreck 430000887 Felt Inlet Gasket |
SKU: ORE-430000887
On Sale For:$16.99
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Oreck 430000898 Plastic Detent |
SKU: ORE-430000898
On Sale For:$13.99
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Oreck 430000901 Corner Brush Strip  |
SKU: ORE-430000901
On Sale For:$6.99
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Oreck 430000908 Plastic Top Cover Assembly |
SKU: ORE-430000908
On Sale For:$32.99
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Oreck 430000912 Bag Door with Shurlock Pin |
SKU: ORE-430000912
On Sale For:$21.99
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