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ProTeam ProForce 1500XP and 1200XP Vacuum Parts

You'll never need to look anywhere else again for your ProTeam ProForce 1500XP/1200XP upright vacuum cleaner using this full parts diagram.   Find common items such as the bags, filters, and hose as well as more hard-to-get items like gaskets, bumpers, and housings.


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ProTeam 15Xp Wand 104294
SKU: PRO-104294
On Sale For:$22.99
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ProTeam 15XP Wand Kit 105490
SKU: PRO-105490
On Sale For:$23.75
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ProTeam 15XP Wand Lockout Switch 104263
SKU: PRO-104263
On Sale For:$16.62
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ProTeam Carry Handle with Tool Caddy 107256
SKU: PRO-107256
On Sale Now:$8.99
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ProTeam Handle Bezel 106739
SKU: PRO-106739
On Sale Now:$12.95
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ProTeam Handle Kit 106617
SKU: PRO-106617
On Sale Now:$55.19
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ProTeam Handle Tube Assembly 106618
SKU: PRO-106618
On Sale Now:$83.99
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ProTeam HEPA Replacement Cartridge 107005
On Sale For:$11.87
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ProTeam Impact Bumper 107093
SKU: PRO-107093
On Sale Now:$4.99
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ProTeam Lower Air Duct Seal 104267
SKU: PRO-104253
On Sale For:$4.99
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ProTeam Lower Cover Nozzle Plate 104238
SKU: PRO-104238
On Sale For:$4.99
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ProTeam Strain Relief Claps Kit with Fastener 105091
SKU: PRO-105091
On Sale Now:$9.99
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Displaying 43 to 54 (of 72 products) Page:Previous 1 2 3
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