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Bissell Wands

Many times that last bit of dirt remains just out of reach, you can't quite squeeze in between the refrigerator or next to the dryer.  What do you do?  You need an extensions wand for your Bissell!  Sometimes you need a longer reach than the capability of the vacuum or sometimes you just need to replace a broken or damaged telescopic wand, eVacuumStore carries them all!


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Bissell 1600296 Extension Wand
SKU: BISS-1600296
On Sale Now:$4.99
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Bissell 1606493 Telescope Extension Wand
SKU: BISS-1606493
On Sale For:$51.99
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Bissell 1611318 Black Wand with Hose
SKU: BISS-1611318
On Sale Now:$16.99
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Bissell 9595 Wand Extension
SKU: BISS-2032666
On Sale For:$4.99
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Bissell 10M2 Extension Wands, 2-Pack
SKU: BISS-2031538
On Sale For:$10.99
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Bissell 12B1 Extension Wand
SKU: BISS-2031068
On Sale For:$4.99
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Bissell 17G5 Telescopic Extension Wand
SKU: BISS-2036625
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Bissell 6700 Telescoping Wand
SKU: BISS-2032015
On Sale For:$20.99
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Bissell Bendable Wand Attachment
SKU: BISS-2032111
On Sale For:$12.99
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages: 1
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