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Bissell Motors

Sometimes motors just like us humans just simply wear out. Bissell vacuums and the Motors that power them are no different.  If you need a replacement for your vacuum call eVacuumStore at 866-972-8227 and speak to a live vacuum specialist today to find the correct motor for your vacuum.


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Bissell 13H8 Motor with Gasket
SKU: BISS-2032183
On Sale For:$43.49
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Bissell 1400B Vacuum Motor
SKU: BISS-6035022
On Sale For:$34.99
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Bissell 1603655 Brush Motor
SKU: BISS-1603655
Price: $26.99
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Bissell 1605049 Vacuum Motor
SKU: BISS-1605049
On Sale Now:$43.99
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Bissell 1607547 Motor |
SKU: BISS-1607547
On Sale For:$33.99
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Bissell 1607555 Motor |
SKU: BISS-1607555
On Sale For:$33.99
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Bissell 1611239 120V Suction Motor
SKU: BISS-1611239
On Sale Now:$34.99
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Bissell 1616263 Motor
SKU: BISS-1616263
On Sale Now:$40.99
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Bissell 1616291 Suction Motor |
SKU: BISS-1616291
On Sale For:$34.99
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Bissell 1616292 Foot Motor |
SKU: BISS-1616292
On Sale For:$25.99
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Bissell 17G5 Brush Motor with Pulley
SKU: BISS-2032047
On Sale For:$37.90
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Bissell 17G5 Vacuum Motor 17G5
SKU: BISS-2032112
On Sale For:$48.99
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Bissell 24A4 Brush Motor
SKU: BISS-2036757
On Sale For:$38.00
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Bissell 24A4 Motor Assembly
SKU: BISS-1603069
On Sale For:$37.99
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Bissell 36Z9 Vac Motor
SKU: BISS-1600112
On Sale For:$43.99
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Bissell 6900 Foot Motor
SKU: BISS-2034416
On Sale For:$54.99
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Bissell 8852 Motor
SKU: BISS-1601544
On Sale For:$49.49
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Bissell Lift Off Brushroll Motor 2036634
SKU: BISS-2036634
On Sale For:$34.99
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Bissell Vacuum Motor Assembly 2036731
SKU: BISS-2036731
On Sale For:$41.99
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Vacuum Motor Assembly for ProHeat 0175972
SKU: BISS-1601038
On Sale For:$49.99
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Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 products) Result Pages: 1
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