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Compare OVO Central Vacuums

In order to stay as healthy as possible, experts recommend vacuuming carpeted spaces at least twice a week, and more often in households with pets or in areas where individuals spend a lot of time. Using a central vacuum can help you get rid of the dirt and allergens that are present in your home without the hassle of using a traditional, upright vacuum. Central vacuum systems provide a high-quality clean thanks to their superior filtration systems and strong cleaning power, allowing these vacuums to remove even the smallest of debris from your carpets.


If you want to rid your home of the dust and allergens that can cause and contribute to health problems, you should use an OVO central vacuum. With a sleek, innovative design and strong performance, these vacuums are quickly becoming popular within the central vacuum system industry. OVO central vacuums are efficient and cost-effective, and they can work with a variety of attachments.


Before you purchase an OVO central vacuum, you should consider the different models available on the market. Here are the top three OVO vacuums for you to compare:

OVO 55OAW Central Vacuum System

The OVO 550AW central vacuum system is compact enough to fit into a small closet and is great for people who need a high-performing vacuum cleaner for a small place like a condo. Its built-in sound suppression system allows you to keep your home clean without the noise and bulk of a traditional vacuum cleaner.


The OVO 550AW central vacuum system uses a 500 air watt motor for powerful suction. They can clean areas of up to 4,000 square feet. For such a small system, the OVO 550AW offers a lot of power for a deeper clean.


This central vacuum system also uses a soft start and soft stop motor, which allows the vacuum’s motor to run for 20 percent longer than traditional motors.


The OVO 550AW offers 99.97% filtration thanks to its triple-filter disposable bags. If you suffer from allergies, it is important to remove as many dust particles and allergens from your carpets as possible. The OVO 550AW has the power and filtration system to do this.

With the OVO 550AW you do not have to worry about dust particles. The soft start soft stop motor runs for three seconds after the machine is turned off in order to make sure any lingering dust and debris is removed from the vacuum hose before it is unplugged.

OVO 630 Central Vacuum System

The OVO 630 central vacuum system is beneficial for people who need a powerful clean for a large living space. Like the 550 AW model, this system also includes a sound suppression system so that it can operate silently. However, the OVO 630 central vacuum system stands out because it offers far more power than than the 550 AW model. If you live in a large home with a lot of areas that need cleaning, the OVO 630 central vacuum system might be a better choice for you.


The OVO 630 uses a 630 air watts system to help you effectively clean areas up to 7500 square feet. The OVO 630 can be up to three times more powerful than traditional, upright vacuum cleaners, and they have a large soft start soft stop motor that will help the motor work more efficiently than traditional motors.


This high-power central vacuum system uses hybrid technology for 99.97% filtration without the need of disposable bags. These permanent filters can be removed and cleaned when necessary, and they can be used in conjunction with disposable bags for an even better cleaning experience. Easily get rid of airborne particles and allergens using the OVO 630 central vacuum system.

OVO 700 Central Vacuum System

The OVO 700 central vacuum system is a high-quality vacuum system that is best used in large buildings. This system is a great choice because it is efficient, cost-effective, and has an innovative design.


With a 700 watt motor, this central vacuum system has the most power out of the three OVO central vacuum system models. It can help you keep an area of up to 9000 square feet spotless, and it has suction power as much as three times stronger than traditional vacuums.


Like the OVO 630, this central vacuum system can be used with or without a disposable filter bag to clean with 99.97% efficiency. The permanent filter can be cleaned easily, maximizing its ability to eliminate harmful allergens and particles in the air and in carpets. This vacuum also features a soft start soft stop motor that will ensure all debris and dust particles are out of your vacuum hose before you unplug your system.




OVO 550AW Central Vacuum System

OVO 630 Central Vacuum System

OVO 700 Central Vacuum System

Area covered

4000 square feet

7500 square feet

9000 square feet

Canister Capacity

4.75 Gal

6.6 Gal



120” H20 waterlift

130” H20 waterlift

140” H20 waterlift

Noise level

62 db

63 db

65 db


Uses triple layer filtration disposable bag only

Cyclonic filtration (can be operated with or without bag)

Cyclonic filtration

(can be operated with or without bag)

Soft Start / Soft Stop Technology






23 lbs



11.4 x 11.7 x 19.5 inches

12.5 x 12.9 x 25.4 inches

12.5 x 12.9 x 30.2 inches


10 years

10 years

10 years



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