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Electrolux Canister Parts and Accessories

Evacuumstore carries Electrolux canister vacuum parts and accessories at a fraction of the price that you will find in stores or from your local salesman. We carry high quality replacement parts, motors, attachments, cords, switches, power nozzles, and accessories for all canister models including: Epic 6500SR, Epic 8000, Guardian, 9000, Diplomat, Regency 1000, Advantage, Ambassador, 2100, Ultralux, Olympia, Silverado, Golden J, as well as many other models. 

If you are unsure of the exact part you need, you will need to locate your model number of your Electrolux vacuum cleaner.  You can find the model number inside the bag door.  After you locate the model number you can enter it into our search by model box and then you will find all of the corresponding parts.  If you are still unsure what parts to select please contact one of our customer service representatives, and they will help you find the Electrolux vacuum cleaner part you need. We offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00.

We have Electrolux vacuum parts to fit the following canister models:

C141A, C141F, C152F, C101A, C101G, C101H, C101J, C101L, 151D, C151G, C141B, C141D, C151B, 1623, 2100, 90, 1677, 2000, 6000, C102A, C102D, C102G, C102J, C153C, C153D, C101K, C141C, C141E, C141G, C152C, C102K, C153A, 6500, 6500SR C134A, C134B, C134E, C154B, C134C, C154E, C134D, C134F, C154A, C104A, C104H, 8000, 9000
866-972-8227 | Price Match Guarantee | Free Shipping Over $35
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