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Condition: New

Electrolux Central Vacuum 3 Stage Motor

Electrolux Central Vac 3 Stage Motor
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Electrolux 3 Stage Central Vac Motor

Fits Models: 1580, 1584, 1590, 1590A, E117A

Also fits Nutone models 750 and 450, Beam and Hoover central vacs and Hayden 6000+ models.

Brand new, not re-built vacuum motor.

Covered under a 1 year warranty. offers free shipping on this item.


1580, 1584, 1590, 1590A, E117A


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1. Anonymous User on 5/6/2019, said:

Great product fixed my 30 yr old Electrolux Central Vacuum I would buy again.
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2. Anonymous User on 4/10/2019, said:

I replaced my Electrolux central vac system motor that was 23+ years old. After adding a couple of connectors to the wire leads, the part installed into my unit. The part was shipped quickly after it was ordered, and was received shortly thereafter. I don't have the means to measure the suction capability of the new motor, but when the unit fired back up, I heard a considerably amount debris coming through the system! The suction at the upstairs outlets seems to be very good!
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3. Anonymous User on 2/28/2018, said:

I just replaced the motor on our Electrolux 1590 with this unit. I'd definitely use this again. There were no significant issues to tackle but I'll point out three things to make the job easier for you. First, plan on removing the entire shroud for the motor section of the unit. This is easily accomplished by removing the top cover (3 screws) and disconnecting the old motor from the controller board. Next, remove the cylindrical portion of the shroud (3 screws at the bottom) and set it carefully aside so you don't have to remove all of the wiring from the controller board. Removing all of the shroud will make it a lot easier to get the motor bolts to thread back in straight. I tried without removing the entire shroud and it was a failed exercise in frustration! Second, the old motor will have compressed the gasket between the impeller housing and the rest of the vacuum. I added to the gasketing to close the gap by simply buying adhesive backed closed cell foam from a craft supply. It's easy to cut this foam to fit the shape of the old gasket and the adhesive let's you bond it to the bottom of the impeller housing for a simple installation. Finally, make sure you have crimp-on wire lugs and a crimp tool. A cheap set from a big-box hardware store will be all you need. You'll use these to attach the power lines from the motor to the control board. You'll also need to use a lug to attach the ground line to one of the motor bolts to ensure proper grounding since the new model motor doesn't have a ground screw as the original did. This was an easy fix. In short, don't be concerned about the difficultly of this repair if you're OK with basic tools and the replacement part was just fine.
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4. Anonymous User on 1/17/2018, said:

Excellent service and OEM. Fit perfect and just added a couple spade connectors to the wires and plugged it in. Replaced an older motor that was 34 years old! works better, very quiet and I will buy from this store again.
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5. Anonymous User on 2/20/2017, said:

The motor is an excellent replacement and it took a little bit of hand-fitting to get mounted so the seal between the gasket and the bottom of the motor assembly was a solid seal. The ground now attaches to the fan housing vs. the motor as the original. The vacuum now works great! Thank you for providing these motors!
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Q & A

Customers Questions and Answers
Question:my 1590A suddenly stopped working I made sure there was 110 v electricity at the plug. when i jumper across the low voltage wires on the canister there is a click but no motor. is this the circuit board or the motor that failed? Thank you in advance - (04/06/2019)
Answer:Yes, this is a textbook example of a failed motor. The relay clicking indicates the control board functioning so unless a wire is unplugged from the motor you will need a new one.
Question:I recently order a replacement motor for my El;ectrolux central vac. system. The original motor had a ground wire attached near the brush on the side of the motor. There is not a screw located in that area of the new motor. Where should the ground wire be connected to the new motor? Since the ground wire from the cord is already attached to the vac housing is it necessary to attach a ground to the new motor? - Thomas J (02/08/2016)
Answer:You are not required to attached the ground on this motor.
Question:I have a model 1590 central Ele ctrolux vav. Installed in 1993. The motor seems to be burned out. The motor you show as a three stage motor shows to be the correct one for this model Serial no.C138843B LG 1bit the original enforce does not say anything about multiple stages. Is the three stage the correct motor for this unit? Is there a way to check the circuit breaker to determine if it needs replacing? The sweeper and the small hand held unit seem to operate ok but the central unit does not come on. - (01/30/2016)
Answer:This is the correct motor for the 1590, you need to apply power directly to the motor to determine if the motor works first. You can then check the circuit board by jumping the low voltage wire a see if it clicks on.
Question:I have a Model 1590 Electrolux central vac, Serial # 124943BLF3 and it doe not have a good suction, I am wondering if the 3 stage motor will work in this Central vac. And if it does not can I sent it back - (12/07/2015)
Answer:This motor is compatible with model 1590 and we have a 30 day return policy.
Question:hi there..i have a model 1590 Serial number- C-01690 B (LB3) 120V, 13amps, 60Hz motor that is not working. what is the correct motor for this? - (02/12/2015)
Answer:This is the correct replacement motor for model 1590.
Question:Hi i want to purchase the 3 stage motor for my model #1590 this is the right one? Also i need the cupler for the horn i broke mine and cant find the replacement part? - William (12/28/2014)
Answer:This is the correct motor for the Electrolux 1590. You can find the coupling on this link:
Question:I am replacing the motor on my Electrolux central vacuum model 1590. What is the right motor? and do I need to buy any other parts or the motor comes with the proper gaskit? Thanks - (12/20/2014)
Answer:This is the correct motor for Electrolux model 1590. As long as your existing gasket is still good than you will not need any other parts.
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