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Bag Vacuum Cleaner Basics
While bagless vacuums will save on the cost of bags, there are several advantages to the traditional bag vacuum as well. For instance, bag vacuums are low-maintenance and will require less filter maintenance than their bagless counterparts. Bag vacuums are also clean and convenient. Once debris goes into the bag, it does not come out. When bags are full, they can be discarded easily. Today, bag vacuums are available in both upright and canister styles. Below, we'll highlight our nominations for the top six bag vacuum cleaners available now. 

1. Miele Kona
The sleek Miele Kona is part of Miele's new Complete C3 series, and features an electric SEB 228 Power Nozzle and SBB300-3 Parquet Twister Floor Brush to easily clean both high pile carpeting and hardwood or tile floors. Its lightweight canister design makes it highly maneuverable around furniture, and its non-marring wheels and canister bumper will prevent any damage to your walls, floors or furniture as the Kona moves throughout your home. 

Although it runs quietly, the Kona is equipped with a strong 1200 watt motor. It also features a handful of helpful attachment tools and six-setting suction control panel for versatility.

2. Electrolux EL7085ADX
The user-friendly Electrolux EL7085ADX  features long-lasting, large vacuum bags that will last longer than smaller bags, thus saving you money. It also features a convenient digital display and component indicator lights that alert you when your bag, filter, or brushroll need to be changed. It also features a convenient attachment docking system, so its hose, attachments, and wand can all be easily attached to the unit for storage.

The superior HEPA filtration and sealed system make this an ideal vacuum for asthma and allergy sufferers, as dust and particles are trapped within the air tight system.

3. SEBO Airbelt K3 Pet Canister Vacuum with ET-1 power head
Pet owners, rejoice! SEBO Airbelt K3 Pet Canister Vacuum was made to tackle pet hair, dander, and odors to keep your floors and furniture clean and hair-free. The ET-1 power head, a standard feature on the K3 Pet, features a motorized brush and multiple height adjustments to extract dirt, sand, and allergens from deep within your carpets while removing pet hair from the surface. When teamed with the SEBO hand turbo brush (which comes standard with the unit), the K3 Airbelt Pet makes easy work of the pet hairs left on your upholstery. 

For hardwood floors, the K3 Airbelt Pet also features a high quality floor brush with bristles designed to get through the small spaces in your floors where dirt and dust collect. 

4. SEBO Automatic X4
When it comes to upright bag vacuums, the SEBO Automatic X4 is a strong contender. The Auto X4 uses large filter bags, so they don't have to be replaced very often. When the bag is finally full, the Auto X4's full bag indicator light will let you know. The X4 is highly effective in removing pet hair and debris, and utilizes hospital-grade filtration for allergy and asthma relief. 

The user-friendly Auto X4 automatically adjusts its brushroll height to easily transition from carpeting to hardwood floors without the risk of scuff marks or damage. It also features a detachable hose and extension wand to easily reach tricky areas throughout your home, and is available in four different colors so you can vacuum in style.

5. Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Upright Vacuum
So named for its cutting-edge Swivel Neck which allows steering in all directions, the Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Upright Vacuum is highly maneuverable and versatile, and can even be laid flat to the floor to clean under beds and low furnishings with ease. Its 12-foot flexible hose and 39-foot alectrical cord allows for a 54-foot cleaning radius. The Dynamic U1 Twist also features an automatic carpet height adjustment, so you can move across different surfaces without compromising suction power.  

6. Eureka Boss SmartVac Upright Vacuum Cleaner 4870MZ
For the past three years, Consumer Reports magazine has recognized the Eureka Boss SmartVac Upright Vacuum Cleaner 4870MZ as the number one vacuum cleaner for performance and value. This Eureka vacuum features a sealed HEPA system on the traps dirt that other upright vacuums don't, and is designed to deep clean carpets and bare floors alike. 

It is easy to see why this vacuum has been recognized three years in a row for its value and performance. It is designed to deep clean carpets, and its brushroll turns off to clean bare floors without the risk of scattering debris or marring surfaces. 
Bag Vacuums are Worth a Try
The six vacuum cleaners we have highlighted are just a glimpse into the wide range of bag vacuum cleaners available today. With so many options to choose from, we are confident that there is a bag vacuum available to suit your preferences.  

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