Does your Beam central vacuum need a little extra length? How about you purchase a Beam hose on You may feel overwhelmed because we have so many to choose from but don't worry, we have done the legwork for you by breaking down the differences between each type of hose.

2 Way Switch vs. 3 Way Switch

Beam handle
The suction system on a 2-way switch Beam hose will turn on with the vacuum. Once you press the switch on the hose handle, the power brush will spring to life. Alternatively, the suction system on a 3-way switch Beam hose will not turn on with the vacuum. Instead, you must press the switch on the hose handle once to turn on the suction, and then twice to turn on the power brush. Lastly, a 2-way switch Beam hose does not have a dual voltage option but instead keeps at a steady rate of 110 volts. As you can probably guess, a 3-way switch Beam hose do have a dual voltage option with the low being 24 volts, and the high clocking in at 110 volts.

Pig Tail vs. Direct Connect vs. Standard Hose

Beam direct connect and pigtail
Hose connections are needed to supply the required 110 volts for the power nozzle to operate. The two types of electric hose connections are pigtail and direct connect. A pigtail connection fits into almost any universal wall inlet and is the most common type used by homeowners today. The typical cord length of a pigtail connector is 6 ft. On the other hand, a direct connection hose does not have a power cord and are seen in less than 1% of homes today. This is because direct connect inlets with low and high voltage options need to be installed in the home so that the hose and accompanying power nozzle can operate. If you are lucky enough to have one, all you need to do is align the two low voltage prongs on the hose with the tiny holes on your inlet, and you're ready to vacuum.

A standard hose does not have the electrical wiring to power a power nozzle. With that being said, there is no voltage of any kind. To turn on, plug the hose into any universal wall inlet. You will know it's plugged in when you see a metal band constantly turning on the system. This hose works real well with a TurboCat on hardwood floors and carpets.

Expandable Hose vs. Low Voltage Hose 

Beam Expandable Hose
A expandable hose (or slinky hose) can be stretched from 8 to 32 ft. As with the standard hose, a expandable hose turns on when plugged into the wall and has a metal band that starts to turn on the system so you know its been plugged in and is operating properly. A low voltage hose will not turn on when plugged into a wall. Instead, you must press a button on the hose to turn on the suction. This 24 volt hose works great on hardwood floors and carpets when connected to a TurboCat.

We hope this blog post clearly and concisely explains the differences between the many hose types we offer. If you have any more questions on this or any other product, please feel free to call our customer service department at 1-866-972-8227.