Power Team Perfect C101 standing up
For this product review, we assembled a Power Team Perfect C101 canister vacuum and tested its cleaning power on low-pile commercial carpeting, deep-pile carpeting, a Berber rug, and a small section of tile.

This user-friendly vacuum cleaner uses only three buttons. On its canister are two plastic power switches (one turns the vacuum on, the other turns it off), and under its handle is a carpet/floor toggle switch that alters suction power for different surface types. Its L-shaped power nozzle offers a 15" cleaning path, and is equipped with a circuit breaker that protects against motor burnout. In the event that the motor does become overloaded, the circuit breaker will open and automatically shut the motor off. We did not encounter any such problem during our test, but knowing that this technology was in place gave us extra peace of mind.

The C101 performed well on each surface we tested, from bare floors to deep-pile carpeting. It even fluffed and rejuvenated our deep-pile carpet, making it look brand new. The C101 easily removed dirt, crumbs, paper scraps, and other debris from both our low-pile commercial carpeting and Berber rug. And speaking of rugs, the C101 carries the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label, a seal that recognizes exceptional cleaning capabilities and low-emission operation.

The most unique feature of the C101 was the blower hatch on top of its canister. To turn the C101 from a powerful vacuum cleaner into a forceful blower, simply remove its hose from the front of its canister and attach it to the blower port. The C101 is the only residential vacuum cleaner with such a capability. For us, this feature came in very handy when some errant autumn leaves found their way into our office. Rather than running them over and creating a bigger mess, we sent them gliding back outside.
Power Team Perfect C101 blower hatch

When we finished vacuuming, we simply tugged the C101's 17 foot power cord and it retracted into the canister. Although some new canister vacuums use cord retract switches, we enjoyed the convenience of being able to tug and retract the cord from wherever we were, rather than walking over to the canister to press a switch. For convenient storage, the C101's cleaning wand easily attaches to the included wall mount. This ensures that the vacuum will not fall over while in storage and frees up floor space around the canister. 

The Power Team Perfect C101 is the perfect canister vacuum cleaner for those seeking great suction power without all the added bells and whistles. This canister vacuum is user-friendly and durable, and combines modern HEPA filtration technology with a nostalgia-inducing vintage styling. 

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