For this product test, we set up the Electrolux Quiet Clean Intelligent PU3650 central vacuum in the lobby of our office and put it through its paces. We used it to clean low-pile commercial carpeting, upholstery, deep-pile carpeting, and a small section of tile.

Normally, a central vacuum power unit is mounted in a much less conspicuous location than ours was, such as a basement or a garage. Because of this, we were concerned that using the Electrolux Quiet Clean Intelligent PU3650 central vacuum to clean our office would be an incredible distraction. Fortunately, thanks in no small part to its muffler, the PU3650's noise output registers at a modest 72.5 decibels. That's about the average operating volume of a residential vacuum. (Without the muffler, we recorded the PU3650 at approximately 110 decibels-- that's about the volume of the average rock concert!)

A unique feature to the PU3650 is the handy LED display on the front of the unit, which displays bag status, suction power, and service notifications. When a stubborn area rug blocked our airflow path, we noticed that the display reflected the change in suction power.

When the unit is plugged in, simply plug in and attach the electric hose to one of its hose outlets, and the PU3650 will turn on. If suction power is compromised (as ours was when we picked up the area rug), the unit will power down to prevent motor damage.
Electrolux Quiet Clean PU3900C LED screen

Our reviewers were pleased with the PU3650's cleaning power on some of our fussier floor types. It deep cleaned and fluffed our deep shag carpeting, and efficiently cleaned dirt, carpet fuzz, and other debris from our Berber rug without leaving any marks or other damage behind.

Electrolux Quiet Clean CS3000 Kit Pictured here is the suction unit with the CS3000 Quiet Clean direct connect accessory kit. This kit includes not only the extension hose and power nozzle seen here, but also a hose wrap wall mount, a hose cover, two crevice tools (one large, one of standard size), an LED brush set to illuminate your cleaning tasks, and an adapter that allows you to connect standard Electrolux attachments to the PU3650 for added versatility.

The Electrolux Quiet Clean PU3650 is the only central vacuum unit with a two-hole bag. The unit's plastic intake pipe can be moved to either side, and the bag can be adjusted accordingly. That is, if you decide to use a bag with this unit. The PU3650's large-capacity bucket can hold all the debris you gather should you decide to go bagless. The choice is yours to make. 

If you are on the fence about a central vacuum, consider this: this test was one reviewer's first time using a central vacuum cleaner. She remarked how easy it was to maneuver just the hose and power head, rather than dragging along a canister or pushing around a heavy upright vacuum. There were no bulky cords to dodge while cleaning. Even storage is easy; all we had to do was roll up the lightweight hose and set it aside for another day. What's more, the large-capacity bags (or dustbin) can go longer than conventional vacuum cleaners before needing to be changed or emptied. And for additional convenience, the PU3650 features a permanent self-cleaning filter, so there's nothing there to clean or change, either.

The Electrolux Quiet Clean Intelligent PU3650 is intended for homes up to 12,000 feet in size. For more information about this or other central vacuum units we carry, please call 1-866-972-8227.