We put the SEBO Automatic X4 upright vacuum cleaner through its paces on the Berber rug, shag carpeting, commercial carpeting, and bare floors in our office. The X4 is a durable, user-friendly vacuum cleaner with S-class hospital grade filtration capabilities, and a wide range of other features that surprised even our seasoned reviewers.

A cord wrap ring on the X4's back doubles as a carry handle. When coupled with the carry handle in the vacuum's front, the sturdy X4 is well-balanced and easy to carry. This is especially handy for carrying the X4 across multi-level homes. The X4's low-profile and flat-to-the-floor capabilities made easy work of cleaning under the tables, desks, and chairs in our office. Because the X4's housing is only five and a half inches deep at its widest part, laying it flat to the floor makes it easy to reach under a range of low furnishings.

X4 automatic adjustment
The X4's most unique feature is its self-adjusting power nozzle. When moving between different floor types, this vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts its power nozzle to provide the best possible airflow on any given surface. We found that this transition was most noticeable when we moved from shag carpeting to our low-pile commercial carpeting. When we changed surface types, we could actually see the power head gently lowering itself to meet the carpet. This feature is exclusive to the Auto X4. If you're wondering what the big deal is, a vacuum cleaner's height adjustment setting is what determines how effectively it will clean a given surface. If the power nozzle is on the wrong setting, it will not provide proper airflow. For the best possible clean, your power nozzle should be adjusted to suit each different floor type. The SEBO Automatic X4 removes all the guesswork and self-adjusts to ensure that every surface it touches is as clean as it can be.

For above-the-floor cleaning, the X4 features a handy cleaning wand that is ready to clean as soon as it is removed from the housing. The X4's back provides storage for its included crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush, all of which attach easily to the cleaning wand. 

It might seem like such a smart and powerful vacuum would also make some powerful noise, but that simply isn't true in this case. During our test, we found that we could hold a normal conversation over the X4's low noise output. And because the X4 has a generous 40 foot power cord, we were able to take this powerful cleaning machine all over the office to clean without disturbing anyone. It easily removed dirt and debris from our bare flooring and low-pile commercial carpeting, cleaned dry rice off our Berber rug, and even fluffed our deep-pile carpeting for us. The X4's brushroll remained on no matter which surface we cleaned, but it did not damage or mark any of our floors.

The engineers at SEBO truly thought of everything when they designed the X4. Even changing dustbags is simplified. The X4's large-capacity dustbag is attached to the front of the housing, rather than locked away inside. This means that when you pull the front cover off of the housing, the X4's bag comes along with it. There's no stooping required. What's more, the X4 won't run if its bag is full. An indicator light on its housing will flash, alerting you that it's time to change dustbag. This will not go away until the dustbag is changed, so there's no risk of overfilling dustbags.
SEBO Automatic X4 no-bend bag

SEBO X4 standing upright
Furthermore, the X4's self-preserving automatic shutoff helps to prevent motor and belt damage in the event of a clog. If something should get caught in the vacuum, X4 will turn itself off and flash a light on its power nozzle to alert you to the problem. A hatch on the bottom of the power nozzle allows you to easily and quickly remove troublesome clogs so you can get back to cleaning. Once the clog is removed, simply toggle the power switch, and the X4 will be back to normal. What's more, its belt is guaranteed for life. If that doesn't inspire confidence, we're not sure what will. 

The SEBO Automatic X4 upright vacuum cleaner is SEBO's best-selling model, and for good reason. SEBO's company is owned entirely by engineers whose goals are to design cleaners that take the work out of vacuuming. Does your family forget to adjust the brushroll on different floor types? Do they forget to change dustbags? Do they complain about noise? If so, the X4 is your solution.

eVacuumStore.com's price for this vacuum includes free shipping! The SEBO Automatic X4 upright vacuum cleaner is shown here in black, but it is also available in red, blue, or white. For additional information about the X4 or any of the other SEBO upright vacuum cleaners we carry, please call (866) 972-8227 to speak with one of our trained vacuum specialists.