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Electrolux Plastic Canister Vacuum Hose

Electrolux Plastic Canister Hose
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This 6-foot electric Electrolux vacuum hose has a fixed handle and works with electric attachments, such as power nozzles and the Sidekick I electric stair and upholstery tool. Use this vacuum hose with popular Electrolux plastic canisters, such as the 2000, 2100, 5500, 6000, Model 90, LE, Classic, Ambassador, Diplomat, and Regency models.


C141A, C141F, 152B, C101A, C101G, C101H, C101J, C101L, C151D, C151G, C152C, C141B, C141D, C151B, 1623, 2100, 90, 1677, 6000, 2000, 1718


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1. Anonymous User on 6/12/2019, said:

I have had my 2100 for 32 years. Nothing can beat it. Thanks Electrolux!
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2. Anonymous User on 9/4/2018, said:

Fit my old Electrolux perfectly. Suction on vacuum is 100% better
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3. Anonymous User on 9/26/2017, said:

Works perfectly.
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4. Anonymous User on 1/17/2017, said:

2 weeks on the job - works great so far
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5. Anonymous User on 10/2/2016, said:

This hose fit perfectly and made my old electolux have sunction power like when it was new. Love it!!
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Q & A

Customers Questions and Answers
Question:I need a hose for Electrolux Model EL6988 type E . . . Will this one work . . . And has integral power wiring for cleaning head? - (07/06/2019)
Answer:The hose for the EL6988E is unfortunately no longer available.
Question:I have a classic lux canister. Need a new hose. model c151 d. Which one do I order? - (10/16/2017)
Answer:This is the correct hose for that model, however the handle does not swivel like the original, we do have the plastic canister with swivel available.
Question:I have an Ultralux, 80th anniversary model. Will this hose fit? - (06/09/2016)
Answer:Please provide us with your exact model number of your canister.
Question:I have a Canister Electrolux special edition F13864s. I need a new hose with power nozzle attachment. Not sure which one to order. Thanks for assist - (04/15/2016)
Answer:You will need this hose and the style power nozzle assembly:
Question:I have a 6500 Epic canister will this hose fit. This is my garage ELectrolux so I do not want to spend a lot. - Marilyn (02/22/2016)
Answer:You will need an EPIC 6500 Hose found here,
Question:Do you have a "non-electric" version of this? I need a new hose for my Electrolux 2100, and this seems to be the closest you have. But the 2100 takes a non-electric hose. With thanks for your help. - David (10/16/2015)
Answer:Yes we do.
Question:I have an Electrolux Canister, Diplomat model. I this an electric hose and is it compatible?? Thank you. - (09/19/2015)
Answer:Yes, this hose is compatible with that model.
Question:I have a model C103. Wich hose do I need? - (08/31/2015)
Answer:The Perfect C103 canister uses the 45789-s hose.
Question:Will this hose fit my Epic 6000 SR? - (07/28/2015)
Answer:Yes, this hose fits the epic 6000, there is also the hose with swivel which has a swivel handle like your original.
Question:I have a LUX Classis by Aerus Model 0546 C151D Serial # 45792 What is the correct vacuum hose to order? - (07/05/2015)
Answer:Yes this is the correct hose for the C151D
Question:Will this fit model C153A? - (06/24/2015)
Answer:No, the C153A requires the epic 6500 hose.
Question:I have an AP 240… Is this the hose for it? - (05/11/2015)
Answer:This is not the correct hose for the AP240. You will need the Electrolux metal canister hose.
Question:Will this fit the 1505 model? - (04/16/2015)
Answer:The 1505 requires a metal canister hose with swivel.
Question:I have an Electrolux 2100 that needs a new hose, but I want a new hose. Are these new or used? are they made in america? Thanks, Andy - Andy (04/02/2015)
Answer:These hoses are new and they are not made in America.
Question:I need a GENUINE Electrolux vacuum cleaner hose for an Ambassador III canister vacuum with power had attachment. Do you have this part? Please remember, it must be a GENUINE Electrolux hose. If yes, please send details. Thank you in advance. - (02/09/2015)
Answer:You will want the Electrolux plastic canister hose with swivel. The new hoses will not say Electrrolux on them as electrolux no longer makes these hoses. You will not find a hose in production fro the Ambassador that has Electrolux stamped on it.
Question:I have an electrolux model 1521. what hose should I order? - (02/09/2015)
Answer:This is not the correct hose for model 1521, you will want to order the metal canister hose with swivel.
Question:The hose I am trying to replace is not plastic but a combination woven fabrics. I asked about the electrolux canister vac, model 90 hose. The hose needs to be replace. - (01/11/2015)
Answer:The fabric hose is no longer available but the plastic hose is compatible with the model 90.
Question:Will this hose fit a Electrolux canister vac model 90? This is an older model. - (01/11/2015)
Answer:This hose will fit a model 90.
Question:will this fit special edition Electrolux model BB4 - (01/03/2015)
Answer:Sorry but BB4 is not a valid model number. Please look inside the bag door for the correct model number.
Question:I have a canister LE that needs a new hose. Does this hose have the end that hooks into my power head? It looks like it does but I wanted to be sure. Please let me know. Thank you. Teresa - (12/07/2014)
Answer:Yes, this is an electric hose that is compatible with the power head on the Electrolux model LE,
Question:Will this hose work with ambassador model 1676? - (09/09/2014)
Answer:Yes this fits the ambassador.
Question:Will it fit the Advantage Series. C class model 1625. Thanks so much!!! - (07/17/2014)
Answer:Yes it will.
Question:Will this hose fit model C152E? - Bruce (06/07/2014)
Answer:Yes, this hose is compatible with Electrolux model C152E.
Question:Will this hose work with the Lux 2000 canister. - jane (06/02/2014)
Answer:Yes, we offer also the same hose with a swivel handle.
Question:will this hose work with a model 1623 - john (05/27/2014)
Answer:Yes John, this will work with your model.
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