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Electrolux EPIC Power Nozzle

Electrolux EPIC Power Nozzle
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Clean around table and chair legs with the unique L-shaped power nozzle with headlight.  It's design allows for cleaning under furniture, beds, and kitchen counters.

Electrolux power nozzle fits Electrolux Canister Vacuum models Epic 6500, 7000, Lux 9000, 49449, 49668, Central Vacuums, Guardian, Epic 8000, Legacy and Renaissance.  it also works as a central vacuum accessory alongside the Electrolux Superlux Central Vacuum Hose.

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C102A, C102D, C102G, C102J, C153C, C153D, C101K, C141C, C141E, C141G, C152C, C102K, C153A, 6500, 6500SR, C134A, C134B, C134E, C154B, C134C, C154E, C134D, C134F, C154A, C104A, C104H, 8000, 9000, 1590A, E117A, E130A, E130B, E130G, E130, N106M, N109D, N137, N137S, N137G, N137M, N137N, N137A, N109J, 1684


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Q & A

Customers Questions and Answers
Question:What is the cost of a power nozzle for Model N106M - (03/20/2019)
Answer:Call 866-972-8227 and ask for Raymond.
Question:I have an old Electrolux central vac and my power nozzle has gone out. It is model # N137A which is no longer made. I need to find a power nozzle that is compatible to it with the electrolux epic wand or a new motor for it. Help plz, thx - (04/19/2016)
Answer:Hello, you can find the new motor here:
Question:I have an Epic 6500 SR canister vacuum, is this the correct power nozzle for this model? Is it still available? If not what about the reset switch and light bulb? - (04/05/2016)
Answer:The switch and the lightbulb are available. For help placing the order give us a call 866-972-8227
Question:Is this the correct replacement for the N109J? - (03/13/2016)
Answer:It would be the correct replacement for N109J but is no longer available, please call 866-972-8227 for assistance upgrading your machine or central vacuum system.
Question:Is this power nozzle available anymore ? - (02/06/2016)
Answer:At this time this power nozzle is no longer available.
Question:How do I get the power head or parts for it. - sharon (01/11/2016)
Answer:Can you please advise what parts you need and we can direct you in the right direction.
Question:I think I have lost a part from the elbow on a Epic series 6500 RS N71350 D. Is there a schematic available I could check to be sure? - (05/16/2015)
Answer:Sorry but a schematic is not available. Do you know what part may be missing or can you please describe the problem.
Question:will this work for model #1684? - Sonia (05/16/2015)
Answer:Yes, this will work on model 1684.
Question:I own an Electrolux N137S and the Power Nozzle stopped working. I disassembled it, except the motor, reassembled it, and it worked for a moment, then stopped. How do I know if the problem is in the power nozzle or perhaps in the elbow? Power Nozzle is so expensive, I don't want to order it unless I'm sure. Any way to know first? - Celeste (04/20/2015)
Answer:If you have to press the reset button when it stops than you may need a new reset button, brush roller, or motor. If the power head just cuts out than chances are the problem is the elbow. You can remove the screw cover on the front of the elbow and then remove the front cover so you can check the wires inside the elbow since they usually go bad.
Question:looking for the carpet piece model n109 the one the I'm looking now look like it for eppic6500 - (03/28/2015)
Answer:This is the correct replacement for model n109.
Question:I have a LUX N137S powerhead and need a new one. do you have one or something that will work with this ? Thanks Buck - (03/12/2015)
Answer:The epic power nozzle is compatible with N137S so please call for availability.
Question:Is this the replacement for the Lux5000 model? - Jackie (03/06/2015)
Answer:Yes, this is the correct power head replacement for the Lux 5000.
Question:does this fit to model # 1692 - (01/22/2015)
Answer:No this part will not fit model 1692.
Question:I'm needing a power drive and wand for a regency cannister series vacuum. - (01/14/2015)
Answer:You will want the PPN1 which is compatible with the Electrolux regency.
Question:Is Epic nozzle compatible with N137M? - (01/10/2015)
Answer:Yes, this is compatible with model N137M.
Question:how to disembel power head for lleaning - (12/21/2014)
Answer:You need to remove all the screws on the bottom of the power nozzle and then the top cover will come off.
Question:Is there a power nozzle replacement available for N106M? (Model#N87401D) - (12/15/2014)
Answer:The Epic power nozzle is the correct replacement for model N106M.
Question:I need to replace the power nozzle for an Electrolux Ommni-flo Automatic, Model # PN6A. Which one is the best choice? Thanks Barry - Barry (12/01/2014)
Answer:You will want part number PP1 to replace the Electrolux Omni-flo Automatic.
Question:Is this a replacement for a N115X power nozzle? Thank you. - (11/15/2014)
Answer:The replacement for that model can be found here.
Question:does this include the "wand" that attaches to the hose. Not the handle but just the "wand"? - Deborah (11/11/2014)
Answer:Wands are not included with this power nozzle.
Question:Is there a replacement motor for this power nozzle - (10/26/2014)
Answer:Yes the nozzle motor can be found here
Question:I need to replace a power head for an old Electrolux vacuum. The model number on the power head is N109J. Do you have anything that will work? Thank you. - (10/20/2014)
Answer:This is the replacement for the N109J.
Question:is this compatible with the electrolux part N137A? thank you. - (10/14/2014)
Answer:Yes, this part is compatible with Electrolux model N137A.
Question:trying to get this item in the cart. we have a central vac sys 1550 . need a compatable powerhead? - Tim (10/06/2014)
Answer:You will need to look at the model number on the bottom of your existing power head to determine if this is compatible.
Question:My power nozzle cuts on and off on the epic 6500 series. Do I need to replace motor? - (09/29/2014)
Answer:Its most likely the Elbow and not the motor that causes the power nozzle to cut out.
Question:I have an Electrolux central vacuum system. I need to replace my power nozzle which is a Lux Model N137T. Will the EPIC power nozzle work? Thanks, Rich - (09/23/2014)
Answer:Yes, this is the correct power nozzle replacement for model N137T
Question:I have Aerus Centralux model E130G. Will the Electrolux EPIC Power Nozzle work? - (09/09/2014)
Answer:This would be the correct power nozzle for you model E130G.
Question:I need to replace my power nozzle for 6500 series? What do you have that will work ? Thanks Joanne - (07/22/2014)
Answer:This is the power nozzle for your machine, give us a call to order.
Question:Is there another number to replace head #n106m? - Ardella (05/25/2014)
Answer:No this is the only power nozzle.
Question:Why is there no price for this powerhead? Is it not available? Thanks - Elsie (04/06/2014)
Answer:We currently do not have this power nozzle available. If you are looking to upgrade your machine call 866-972-8227.
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