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Electrolux PU3650 Platinum Builders Package and 35FT Kit

Electrolux PU3650 Platinum Builders Package and Deluxe Accessory Kit
  • Includes Electrolux PU3650 Central Vacuum System
  • Deluxe Wessel-Werk Attachments Also Included
  • Everything Needed for Central Vacuum Installation
  • FOUR FREE GIFTS Included with Purchase!
  • You Save OVER $300!
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This exclusive, Platinum Deluxe package saves you OVER $300 in merchandise!

Electrolux PU3650 Platinum Builders Package
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This eVacuumStore exclusive Platinum Builders Package includes everything needed for successful central vacuum installation.  The featured power unit for this all inclusive bundle is none other than the Electrolux PU3650 central vacuum system.  The PU3650 is known by most as the QuietClean central vacuum due to it's whisper-quiet operation and sound absorbing insulation.  As an added bonus, a Sound-Off muffler is included with each purchase to further decrease the decibel level while simultaneously increasing family morale.

As if silent operation wasn't enough, the PU3650 Electrolux central vacuum is a vessel of pure power.  Homes up to 8000 square feet will enjoy a high level of cleanliness and suction power that seem to magically render all floors and surfaces spotless.  This is due primarily in part to the 12 amp motor which operates using 600 air Watts.  When it comes to maintenance, the LCD screen will alert the user for maximum convenience.  The HEPA filter is self cleaning and never needs to be replaced, and the dirt bucket can hold up to a whopping 4 gallons of debris.  The Electrolux PU3650 central vacuum is best installed outside of the living area in places such as basements and garages.  The mounting bracket is also included with this purchase so that the unit can be properly mounted.

Wessel-Werk Chateau Collection Deluxe Attachment Kit

When combined with the raw power of the Electrolux PU3650, the Wessel-Werk attachment kit from the Chateau Collection will make quick work of any mess.  Wessel-Werk is a German manufactured brand which guarantees the quality and performance of the central vacuum accessories included with this kit.  They narrow their focus to the engineering and quality of their products making them one of the most sought after attachment brands on the market today.  In addition to their outstanding engineering, their usability is also unmatched throughout the industry.  The impressive central vacuum hose is available with either a pig tail cord or a direct connect plug-in; the difference lies in the way everything was wired during installation.  A pig tail cord is plugged into a nearby outlet to supply 110 volts of power to the necessary attachments.  A hose with a direct connect plug-in plugs into an inlet valve that has the additional 110 volts wired into the back of it.  All attachments needed to successfully clean an entire home are included with this kit.  They are sure to provide the user with a comfortable and enjoyable experience each and every time.

Included Attachments: 
Attachment Description: 
Premium Crushproof Hose 
The lengthy central vacuum hose allows for incredible reach while cleaning. It's gas-pump style handle also provides ergonomic use to maximize efficiency and usability time and time again.  This hose is available in 35 feet, with either a pig tail cord or a direct connect plug-in which is easily convertible. 
Quick Release Telescopic Wand 
The Wessel-Werk quick disconnect telescopic wand does just as it's name suggests; it quickly connects and disconnects from the hose for ease-of-use.  Since it is telescoping, the height can be adjusted which unleashes the potential of any accessory attached to it.  This vacuum part is necessary in order to use the EBK340 power nozzle.
EBK340 Deluxe Powerhead 
For unsurpassed carpet maintenance, the Wessel-Werk EBK340 powerhead is where all attention should be directed.  The 14 inch cleaning path coupled with the built-in headlight make quick work of even the largest carpeted areas by providing deep-down cleaning.  For convenience, this power nozzle can be quickly disconnected to make room for a different attachment.
(2) Plastic Wands 
A set of plastic wands are included with this set to quickly change over from electric attachments to non-electric attachments.  Simply connect your favorite standard attachment to the end of these wands and have them ready to go when you are!
Premium Bare Floor Brush 
Does your home primarily consist of bare floors? Perfect!  The bare floor brush included with this Chateau Collection accessory kit can be used with either the telescopic wand or the set of plastic wands.  It has a 13 inch cleaning path and takes care of those pesky dust bunnies in no time at all. 
Crevice Tool 
The included crevice tool acts like a compass of sorts as it helps the user navigate couch cushions and hard to reach corners throughout a home.  It has a slender design which helps to accomplish these kinds of tasks with ease.
Elongated Dusting Brush 
This premium Wessel-Werk dusting brush is considered to be the nemesis of allergens and dust particles everywhere.  The elongated design facilitates the cleaning of areas such as base boards, ceiling fans and shelves.
Premium Upholstery Tool 
Couches, chairs, mattresses and even stair treads will experience some of the most attentive cleaning when the premium Wessel-Werk upholstery tool is on the job.  The velvet strips elegantly glide across these surfaces, treating them with care while simultaneously ridding them of dirt and allergens. 
Clip-On Tool Caddy 
Pick your three favorite tools and attach them directly to this clip-on caddy!  This useful tool holder clips right on to the central vacuum hose for maximum convenience.  It provides the user with quick options when vacuuming multiple surfaces, rather than having to scour the home for the desired attachment.
Mesh Storage Bag 
Keep your home neat and tidy after making it that way! This mesh storage bag allows users to neatly store their central vacuum attachments rather than having them scattered throughout the home. 
Hose Rack 
The Wessel-Werk Chateau Collection central vacuum attachment kit would not be complete with this sturdy hose rack.  Users of this kit will be able to neatly hang their hose after vacuuming in the location of their choosing.

Also included within this eVacuumStore exclusive Platinum builders package is EVERYTHING needed for successful central vacuum installation. Supervalves are inluded with this pagage

Super valves have the 24 volt bellwire and 110 volts built into them.  These are each activated by the two-prong direct plug-in on the end of the hose that plugs into the wall.  The two prongs make contact with the integrated receptacle of the super valve making the hose a remote starter of sorts.

The installation materials include (2) 3 Inlet Super Valve Kits

  Super Valve Kit Includes:

(6) Super Inlet Valves 
  (6) Mounting Brackets 
  (18) 90 Degree Sweep Elbows 
  (12) Couplings 
  (2) 90 Degree Sweep Tees 

(6) 90 Degree Short Elbows 
  (12) 45 Degree Elbows 
  (2) 45 Degree Wyes 
  (12) Pipe Straps 
  (2) Cans of PVC Cement 
  120 Feet of 18-2 Low Voltage Wire 

*additional central vacuum fittings and inlet valves may be found on the central vacuum fittings and pipe page

Builders Package Bonus Items

In order to ensure that central vacuum installation is done correctly and efficiently, eVacuumStore is also including a whopping 150 feet of 2 inch, schedule 20 PVC pipe.  If additional piping is required, it may be purchased separately on our site under the central vacuum pipe page.

As an added bonus, eVacuumStore is also providing not one, not two, but FOUR FREE GIFTS with purchase of this Platinum Central Vacuum Builders Package:

Central Vacuum Vacpan 
White Vacpan
This free bonus vacpan is ideal for installation in kitchens.  It can be installed into the base board of cabinets and islands and is perfect for quick clean-ups.  The PVC pipe fits down into the opening at the top of the vacpan which creates the necessary seal.  Simply flip the switch on the front of this convenient central vacuum accessory to active the suction, and sweep in the targeted mess.
Central Vacuum Garage Kit 
Standard Garage Attachment Kit
This deluxe, standard attachment kit comes free of charge with purchase of this Platinum central vacuum builders package. The hose and attachments are all non-electric and are ideal for use on smooth floors or for maintaining car interior.  The standard garage kit includes a premium 30 foot crushproof hose, a set of plastic wands, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and a hose hanger for storage.
Central Vacuum Floor Mop 
Deluxe Floor Mop Attachment
As a free gift with this Platinum central vacuum package, eVacuumStore is including a free floor mop attachment.  This incredible tool uses electrostatic fibers to attract dust and debris, which are then sucked into the vacuum system.  There is an opening at the front of this attachment for dirt to pass through as well.  The mop heads are replaceable, and it is imperative that they are not used wet.
Central Vacuum Hose Sock 
35 Foot Quilted Hose Sock 
The included Wessel-Werk hose will be well protected with this FREE quilted hose sock.  This particular hose sock comes in 35 feet (the same as the hose), and has a protected zipper that runs up the side.  Simply unzip this protective cover, lay the hose inside of it, and then zip it back up!


PU3650, EBK36DC, EBK340

Product Specs

Electrolux PU3650 Central Vacuum Specifcations



Max coverage sq ft:




Water Lift:

 140 Inches

Air Watts:        





 Self cleaning HEPA




 28.1 lbs


 4 Gallons






 2 stage

LED Panel:


Free Shipping:


What is an Air Watt?


Electrolux PU3650 Unit
  • Central vacuum unit has an LCD screen to display when the machine requires maintenance.
  • Uses a self-cleaning HEPA filter
  • Has a 4 gallon dirt bucket
  • Capable of covering up to 8,000 square feet
  • Operates quietly by using patented sound-reducing technology
Wessel-Werk Premium Attachment Kit
  • 30 or 35 Foot Crushproof Hose w/ either a pigtail cord or direct connect plug-in
  • Deluxe 14 Inch EBK340 Power Nozzle
  • Quick Disconnect Telescopic Wand
  • Two Plastic Wands
  • 13 Inch Hardwood Floor Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Elongated Dusting Brush
  • Premium Upholstery Tool
  • Tool Caddy, Mesh Bag and Hose Rack for Storage


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