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IPC Eagle CT110 Ride on Floor Scrubber

IPC Eagle CT110 Ride on Floor Scrubber
  • 3 Hour Runtime
  • 29 Gallon Tank
  • Self Leveling Brush System
  • Exclusive Squeegee System
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The IPC Eagle CT110 Ride-on Floor Scrubber is a powerful, compact floor cleaning machine. The CT110 is able to clean up to 45,000 square feet per hour despite its compact size. This machine is built with the user in mind and is designed to need as little maintenance as possible. Its elegant interface keeps updates on the machine’s status while its sturdy construction resists dirt and damage. 

This floor cleaner boasts a powerful motor with a 16-inch climbing angle to tackle even the toughest of jobs. The CT110 cleans the toughest messes while remaining highly maneuverable and easily stored. The low noise level and compact design means this floor cleaner packs all the power of its larger counterparts without any of the size-related downsides. 


  • 28-inch cleaning path
The CT110 is small enough to easily maneuver around obstacles while still having a cleaning radius large enough to make quick work of bigger areas. This makes it ideal for industrial areas where furniture or room construction hinder bulkier machines. 
  • 3 hour runtime
The long runtime per battery charge means cleaning never has to take a pause for more power. 
  • 75-inch turning radius
The CT110 can turn smoothly and quickly, making it well-suited for areas where tight turns are required. 
  • 29 gallon tank
The high capacity tank also allows this machine to clean without service breaks. 
  • Optional onboard charger
An optional onboard charger means you’re never without a spare battery charge. 
  • Exclusive squeegee system
The high end squeegee system completes the cleaning process by removing all remaining traces of dirt and grime from the whole surface. The squeegee system automatically lifts when the machine is in reverse to avoid frustrating messes. 
  • Automatic speed adjustment while turning
Turning and maneuvering are the most difficult parts of using a ride-on floor scrubber. The CT110 automatically adjusts its movement during turning to compensate for user error. 

Self-leveling brush system

No floor is perfect. The IPC Eagle CT110 Ride-on Floor Scrubber can compensate for inconsistency in flooring with its unique self-leveling system. The machine senses changes in the floor and adjusts the brushes automatically to compensate. This allows for a consistent fit between the brush and the floor. 

It’s this consistent, constant pressure that enables the CT110 to give a complete clean. Gaps or bumps in the fit between the brush and the ground can lead to missed dirt and can increase the time needed to clean a given space. The self-leveling system on the CT110 eliminates this concern. The IPC Eagle CT110 Ride-on Floor Scrubber gets the floor clean right the first time. 

User-friendly design

Designed for ease of use, the CT110 requires minimal training to master. Optimal weight distribution keeps the machine from being burdensome to maneuver. 

Cleaning staff can easily familiarize themselves with the workings of the machine without extended reading, seminars or training. 

An automatic stop can be triggered by pedal release so this machine remains tightly under its user’s control for the duration of its operation. Additional control panel indicators and a battery level monitor keep the user aware of the machine’s status and make troubleshooting easier. 

Tool-free maintenance

Tool-free brush replacement and easily accessible internal components keep the machine from needing expensive expertise to service. The majority of annual maintenance tasks can be easily completed by cleaning staff without separate servicing. Simple daily maintenance can be completed with easy-to-understand yellow touchpoints. 

Cross-industry application

The IPC Eagle CT110 Ride-on Floor Scrubber is an incredibly versatile machine. Built to handle the varied cleaning tasks of multiple environments, this floor cleaner is ideal anywhere industrial hard flooring is to be found. The CT110 is perfect for the following industries:
  • Hospitality
All areas of hospitality such as tourism and lodging benefit greatly from the CT110’s sleek design and powerful motor. 
  • Retail
The fast turn radius and high maneuverability of the CT110 make it perfect for retail warehouses or shopping aisles which often require a great range of movement. 
  • Education
Gyms and cafeterias are perfectly suited to the CT110, which can breeze through wide open spaces in minutes. 
  • Cleaning contractors
Its compact design allows the CT110 to be easily stored and transported between various locations, making it perfect for mobile cleaning operations. 
  • And more!
The applications of the CT110 are endless. Any industrial setting can benefit from this versatile machine. 

Excellence guaranteed

The IPC Eagle CT110 Ride-on Floor Scrubber is built from high quality components and assembled with longevity in mind. High grade polyethylene and elegant design keep this machine running like new for longer.


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