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Electrolux PU3650 QuietClean Central Vacuum Unit

Electrolux PU3650 QuietClean Central Vacuum Unit
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • The built-in QuietClean PU3650 can handle up to 8,000 square feet of living space. 
  • Patented sound-reducing technology in both the power unit and the electric power brush 
  • LCD Panel Display tells you how efficiently the vacuum is operating 
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With a 4 gallon dirt tank and 600 air watts of suction power, the Electrolux PU3650 QuietClean Central Vacuum Unit is one vacuum you don't want to miss out on. Clean rooms up to 8000 sq. ft by purchasing our PowerTeam Accessory Kit that includes a 35 dual voltage crushproof hose, 38 inch telescopic wand, 14 inch hard floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, and hose hanger. Unlike some models, this central vacuum unit has a built-in LCD display that always tracks your systems performance and tells you when you need to empty out your dirt tank.

Hate changing filters? Don't worry, the Electrolux PU3650 utilizes a permanent self-cleaning filter that never needs to be replaced. Hate loud noises? No problem! Electrolux built this vacuum with sound-resistant technology. For extra peace of mind, the Electrolux PU3650 comes with a 10 year warranty.

Installing the Power Unit

The power unit is usually mounted on the wall in an "out of the way" location, such as a garage, basement, or storage room. They are installed 48 inches above the floor to allow for easy removal of the dirt tank, but never less than 12 inches from the ceiling because that does not provide adequate space for motor ventilation. Also, you should never install in an area where the temperature exceeds 120 degrees. Depending on wall type, you may need to use mounting bolts or anchors to hold the central vacuum power unit in place. Finally, connect the low voltage wires, tubing, and plug the unit into the wall.

Care and Maintenance

To get the most out of your central vacuum cleaner, you need to perform regular maintenance and safety checks. For example, the motor brushes should be checked by an authorized dealer after every 500 hours of use. You should also keep the power unit free of dust and debris by frequently dusting with a clean, soft cloth. Never use more than one inlet at a time, and never place anything on top of the power unit that could prevent proper motor ventilation. Finally, the Electrolux PU3650 cannot safely pick up construction debris.

If you ever have any trouble with your central vacuum unit, you are more than welcome to dial 1-866-972-8227 to speak with a trained vacuum specialist at absolutely no cost to you.



Product Specs



Max coverage sq ft:




Water Lift:


Air Watts:        





 Self cleaning HEPA




 28.1 lbs


 4 Gallons






 2 stage

LED Panel:


Free Shipping:



 What is an Air Watt?


  • LCD Display
  • HEPA Filter
  • Anti-Vibration Mounting System 
  • Utility inlet


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1. Anonymous User on 2/2/2018, said:

Local dealer quoted me $2999 to buy / install this exact unit and replace the basic vacuum head I had. I found same thing at eVacuumStore and even bought the SEBO vacuum kit all for under $1000. Installed it myself (very easy) ... amazing quality and performance. Customer Service was exceptional!
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2. Anonymous User on 9/23/2016, said:

I replaced this unit with an old Beam-what a difference-just love it. This was my first time buying a large ticket item on line. They answered all my questions. They were so helpful making this transaction a breeze. I highly recommend evacuumstore!
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3. Anonymous User on 12/11/2015, said:

I spoke with Jerry at customer service to place my order and he was so helpful and knowledgeable about the product it made buying a breeze. I just love it!
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4. Anonymous User on 5/22/2015, said:

I bought this as a replacement unit. The unit is extremely quiet. Sometimes I don't even know the unit is operating.The unit was easy to install.The unit is installed in the basement. I installed the muffler and vented the unit to the exterior. The unit has plenty of power for a 2 story 3000 sf residence. the eVacuunStore was knowledgeable and easy to deal with.The unit arrived in 2 days. This is a better unit than the local dealer and at a much better price.
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5. Gary on 3/2/2015, said:

Great unit.
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Q & A

Customers Questions and Answers
Question:We are replacing a AFUERA11 CV3291M wil this be a compatable exchange - (01/02/2020)
Answer:Yes, this will replace your current model.
Question:What is the decibel (db) level of the units motor when on? - (01/26/2019)
Answer:70DB with the muffler installed.
Question:I have an older central vacuum cleaner that I believe the motor has gone bad. It’s a “Signature 900”, I believe it was sold by Montgomery Wards. On the name plate tag it says “Eureka 900, 115 volt, 13 amps. My parents owned this home before I retired from the Navy & purchased it from them. My father installed this vacuum system probably 40+ years ago. It is vented to the outside with 2” pvc and has 2 runs of 2” pvc for suction. The 2 plug in ports are located in the hallway. This is a 3 bedroom rambler home approximately 1800 sq ft on the main level with the basement 3/4 finished. What unit would be best for replacing the old unit? Located alongside the vacuum head is a junction box with a switch as the head has a utility port on the front and you move the toggle switch to switch between upstairs ports and the utility port. I believe this junction box is where it switch’s from low level to 115 VAC. I have looked at various units on your website but am a little confused as to what is best. I worked in electronics in the Navy so I have some knowledge of electrical/electronics. Thank you. - (11/13/2018)
Answer:The nutone pp500 would be a good fit for a home that size:
Question:how difficult would this be to install in place of our vacuflo model #26 - (11/06/2017)
Answer:It is a very easy install, you would need an additional swap out kit to replace the older unit to a new one, give a call 866-972-8227 and ask for Raymond and I can assist you with the order.
Question:Does this unit need to be vented to the outside? It looks like that is optional. - (10/14/2017)
Answer:Yes, venting is optional for this model.
Question:I'm replacing a BEAM Model 294 power unit with PU3650. Will I need a new mounting bracket. wires, or piping coupling? What size piping does the PU3650 unit require? - (06/03/2017)
Answer:The vacuum will come with a new mounting bracket and uses 2" diameter piping
Question:I have a beam model 287 that I want to replace . What would be the recomended replacement Electrolux model.Also will it connect to the existing pipe and wiring? - (02/12/2017)
Answer:The PU3650 is the replacement for that model and uses the same diameter piping and low voltage wires.
Question:My PU 3650 is not turning on at all. I tried the reset button but it still does not turn on. What do I do? - (01/08/2017)
Answer:First try jumping the low voltage at the vacuum. That will isolate the vacuum to let you know if the problem is with the unit or elsewhere in the home.
Question:Our old central vac power unit is located in the utility room inside our house. Noise has been an issue so we are comparing Sound (Db) levels of various units. Could you please provide the Sound Db rating for this unit? Also, where is the motor manufactured? Thank you for your consideration. - (10/07/2016)
Answer:This machine produces 70 decibels with the muffler installed, which makes it one of the quietest central vacuum units on the market. The motor on this unit is made in North America.
Question:What type of motor does the PU3650 have? Is it a peripheral by-pass, flow-thru, or tangential by-pass motor? - (07/06/2016)
Answer:The PU3650 uses a tangential by-pass motor.
Question:When you say that the unit has to be 48 inches from the floor, do you mean 48 inches from the top of the unit to the floor to allow for access to the collection tank? You don't mean 48 inches from the bottom of the unit to the floor do you? - (06/11/2016)
Answer:Electrolux recommends 28" of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the dust bin.
Question:I have a 20 year old E130A Electrolux. Will this unit swap right in? Is it more powerful than what I have? Thanks. - David (03/24/2016)
Answer:Yes this will be a swap out and is much more powerful then the older machine.
Question:I am replacing my eureka cv3121H. Do I need anything for installation and can I use my eureka accessories / vacuum with this unit? Thank you - (03/06/2016)
Answer:Your current hose and accessories will still work with this vacuum. The current pvc and low voltage wire will also work with this model.
Question:Hey, Have a Vacuflow 760 that needs replacing because a water pipe burst right over the unit and ruined the motors. Can I use the Electrolux for a 4500 sq home? Is it compatible with the wiring/tubing, etc? Bruce - (02/29/2016)
Answer:Yes this will work with the existing equipment and be able to handle that size home.
Question:Can I replace my xenex machine with this model? i - (08/07/2015)
Answer:Yes, swapping out the central vacuum unit is simple.
Question:I currently have a nutone vx1000 will any of the existing fit up need redone to replace with the Electrolux? - (06/08/2015)
Answer:This model will work with 2" diameter piping and use the existing low voltage wiring.
Question:hi. I have Electrolux PU3650 QuietClean Central for a year now. when i empty bucket, looks like my filter has some garbage in it. about two full hands that i could feel throughout filter material. is there a way to clean it? - (04/11/2015)
Answer:There is a bean bag inside the filter so if that is what you are referring to, then that is normal. You can remove the filter by pulling down on the black tab on the perimeter of the filter.
Question:Hello, I have had my unit (PU3650) for 4-5 years now and it's has worked flawlessly. I was recently moving a few items in my garage when a ladder fell against the display and broke it. I am wondering if this is an item that I can order. The unit still works great the display is just broken/cracked and no longer works. - (04/05/2015)
Answer:Sorry to hear about the accident. We do have the LCD screen that can be ordered. Please call 866-972-8227 to process this special order.
Question:I will be replacing a hayden 6000 will this work with my system - Marc (03/09/2015)
Answer:The Electrolux PU3650 is a compatible replacement for the Hayden 6000.
Question:Is this compatiable with Nutone systems? - (03/06/2015)
Answer:This Electrolux power unit is compatible with Nutone piping and accessories.
Question:Can the Electrolux PU3650 Quietclean Central Vacuum System be used as a replacement for the Kenmore 116.40534 system and if so will changes have to be made to the pipes in the walls or the wall valve mounting plates? - (02/18/2015)
Answer:The PU3650 can be use as a replacement for a Kenmore central vacuum. If you are using 1 1/2" pipe that you will need a step down adapter which our phone support can help you with.
Question:I am replacing a Hoover model s5673 central vacuum. Will this unit be compatible - (02/16/2015)
Answer:This unit will be suitable for replacing a Hoover S5673 central vacuum. This unit comes with a new mounting bracket and will use the same low voltage wire.
Question:can this unit be vented out to the exterior? - (02/03/2015)
Answer:This unit can be vented to the outside by running a pipe to the exterior and placing an exhaust vent on the opening. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
Question:Can this unit replace a vacuflo - (01/27/2015)
Answer:Yes, this unit will work for replacing a Vacuflo unit.
Question:I'm replacing a model E130J. Will the PU3650 be a good replacement? - (01/24/2015)
Answer:The PU3650 will be a suitable replacement for Electrolux model E130J. You should see an increase in power, and you will have a 10 year warranty.
Question:H..i'm inquiring about the Electrolux PU350B, some LCD screens come in different colors, Green, Red, Blue.......i have seen a Red one and it's very powerful light on all the time, is this random or a manufactures error? please elaborate if possible thanx Bob - (08/23/2014)
Answer:Regardless of color, the LCD screens remain on at all times. Currently the only screen color produced is red. Blue and green were the color of screens on older versions of the PU3650.
Question:How hard is this to install? I am looking to replace my old electrolux 1590 central vacuum. - Matt (04/03/2014)
Answer:The PU3650 is very easy to install. Simply remove the old 1590 and the old mounting bracket, and then install the new mounting bracket with four screws. Then hang the unit and tie in the low voltage and pipe intake. In some cases you may need a piece of pipe or flexible pipe to fully tie in the pipe. We also have installers you can call and talk to at 866-972-8227 prior to purchase.
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