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Royal Vacuum Cleaners

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Royal Vacuums

Royal has been building outstanding vacuum cleaners since 1905. Each vacuum is designed with an array of high quality components such as metal handles, a metal nozzle with a lifetime warranty and a metal fan. These types of features not only help your vacuum cleaner last longer, but they help your carpet last longer as well. Replacing carpet is one of the single largest investments you make in your home. If the inability of a vacuum to remove deep down dirt means you will have to replace your carpet more often, shouldn’t you buy the best vacuum your home deserves? Preserve the beauty and life of your carpet by choosing a Royal household metal upright vacuum. You’ve made a major investment in your carpeting – Don’t risk having to replace it, replace your vacuum.

If your home has a mix of hard floors and carpeted areas, you may want to consider a Royal canister vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. With models available with straight suction and motorized power nozzles, Royal’s line of canisters are packed with cleaning power, yet are lightweight for maneuverability, and there is sure to be one that meets all of your cleaning needs. Other features include simple to use suction control options so you can perfectly adjust suction to accommodate whatever surface you’re cleaning and a full set of cleaning tools including telescopic wands to reach higher areas and a bare floor brush for hard surface cleaning.

Removing deep down dirt is a breeze with a Royal carpet extractors. These powerful and effective cleaners are simple to use and can save homeowners a lot of time and money. Owning your own machine means that you can clean whenever you want and at whatever pace you want, you’re not under the pressure of a store’s strict return policy. And when you compare the cost of hiring a professional to clean your house, or the price of renting a carpet extractor from a store, you can easily see the return on your purchase after just a few uses. So whether you are looking to occasionally clean your carpets, or if you are cleaning up stains on a daily basis, a Royal Carpet Extractor can definitely meet your cleaning needs.

Central vacuums are quickly becoming a popular and common feature in homes everywhere, particularly in new home construction. With a wide selection of accessories and powerheads, the Royal Central Vacuum easily cleans all carpet and floor types, from high pile carpet and area rugs to delicate hard floor surfaces such as vinyl, wood, tile and marble.
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