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Don't Let the Name Fool You, Aggresor Makes a Sweet Vacuum!

Albeit a lessor-known name in the world of central vacuum cleaners, Aggresor crafts excellent machines that are capable of handling tough cleaning jobs, and are appropriate for a range of different uses, both residential and commercial. They offer various models, suitable for a range of floor sizesfrom shacks to mansions. And installing an Aggresor vacuum couldn't be simple, it's just detach your old one, and attach your new one! Perhaps the most vaunted characteristic of these awesome central vacuums is their sturdy metal body, and mostif not allare backed by a solid manufacturer's warranty. These units might be able to survive a nuclear blast. For more information, or assistance placing an order, give us a call today!
866-972-8227 | Price Match Guarantee | Free Shipping Over $35
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