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Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The Advantages of Using a Bagless Vacuum

Bagless vacuum cleaners offer an endless amount of advantages over a traditional sweeper. When you use one of these high powered machines, you'll find that cleaning is much easier because these units do not require the use of vacuum cleaner bags. These bags can be very expensive and often difficult, if not impossible, to find.  Upright and canister vacuum cleaners are divided into bagged and bagless styles, with the bagless style making a huge impact as of late.

A bagless vacuum cleaner collects dirt in a dust cup, rather than a paper bag, which can be easily emptied into a trash recepticle. These machines can be used in all types of homes for all sorts of cleaning situations. Even if you have pets, this type of carpet sweeper can still be highly effective in cleaning your home. The bagless technology has become so advanced that the early criticisms of it's design have actually been ironed out. Most new machines use sealed filtration and suction power to keep dirt and dust from escaping. When you use one of these bagless vacuums in your home, you will save hundreds of dollars on the cost of vacuum cleaner bags and filters. This is because these units do not use paper bags and most of the filters in these units are washable HEPA filters that do not need to be replaced frequently like the micron filters used in other vacuums.

You might wonder what costs are associated with the use of a bagless sweeper. While these machines do not use vacuum bags, they do require the use of a filter. A bagless vacuum will usually use one of two types of filters: a dust cup filter, located in the dirt receptacle, or a HEPA filter located over the motor exhaust. These filters help to remove harmful particles from the air that can aggravate allergies and asthma. Many bagless sweepers also use cyclonic suction, which was made famous by the Dyson vacuum cleaner which claimed to "never lose suction". While dyson offers one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners, these types of machines are available from many other brands. Many offer some type of bagless canister vacuum model, sometimes multiple models.

Electrolux introduced their first bagless vacuum cleaner, the Twin Clean Canister Vacuum, which offered a versatile solution for a bagless canister. They have since introduced an entire line of bagless vacuum cleaners including upright and canister sweepers. Eureka has also introduced a line of bagless units including the Eureka Air Speed Gold which uses cyclonic suction and HEPA filtration. There are many different bagless vacuum cleaners available from many different brands, for more help contact our customer support team.

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