(We tested this Electrolux UltraOne Deluxe EL7085ADX canister vacuum cleaner on low-pile carpeting and a small section of tile.)

When we removed the EL7085ADX from its box, we were struck by the sturdy construction and high-quality design of its power nozzle. The vacuum assembled easily. All we had to do was attach the hose to its canister, attach its wand to the power nozzle, and attach the handle to the wand. Unlike many other Electrolux vacuum cleaners, the EL7085ADX's hose attaches to the front of the canister. This provides a more direct airflow to its extra-long performance bags, which are designed to last longer and hold more than other dustbags.

Once the EL7085ADX was assembled, we took a step back to take stock of all its features. The orange and blue color scheme makes for a unique, eye-catching presentation that sets it apart from other vacuum cleaners. Its power nozzle is free-standing, which means it doesn't need to be propped up against a wall or furniture when in storage or when you're taking a break from cleaning. Its power nozzle also comes equipped with a handle release foot pedal (to unlock the cleaning wand from its upright position), a height adjustment foot pedal and corresponding carpet height indicator light, and a brushroll indicator light that will alert you to any clogs or brushroll-related issues.

Whenever we test a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner, we brace ourselves for top-of-the-line noise. However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that the EL7085ADX's quiet operation is comparable to some "silent" vacuum cleaners. Even on whisper-quiet Auto mode (which is demarcated with an illuminated A on the canister's electronic display screen), the EL7085ADX easily removed crumbs, dirt, dried leaves, and other debris from our low-pile carpeting.

For a versatile cleaning experience, the EL7085ADX comes with two alternative floor tools: the AeroPro Extreme combination floor tool, which works effectively on both carpeting and bare floors, and the AeroPro Parketto deluxe floor brush for bare floors. For added convenience and exceptional control, the EL7085ADX's handle is equipped an on/off button, brush button (which turns on the brushroll and activates carpet mode), an auto button (which turns off carpet mode) and a +/- button to manipulate suction control.

When we picked it up, we took note of the canister's sturdy construction. Its dedicated carry handle doubles as a non-marring bumper, which prevents damage to your walls and furniture if the canister should bump into them. The handle also features storage notches on either side, allowing you to choose which side you would like to store the cleaning wand on. (These notches only accommodate the cleaning wand when it is equipped with included the deluxe floor brush or the combination floor tool. Unlike the power nozzle, these attachments are not free-standing.)

As soon as the EL7085ADX was plugged in, the electronic display on its canister lit up. When vacuuming, this unique display uses illuminated numbers and pictographs to show which suction setting your EL7085ADX is set to. In the event that it's time to change the filter or dustbag, this helpful display will alert you. The EL7085ADX's canister also houses a cord rewind pedal button and power switch.

The EL7085ADX features a unique design feature that we dubbed its "double-decker storage" setup. Pulling the "S-bag" latch allows you to access the bag and filter chamber. Above the bag and filter chamber is onboard storage for the EL7085ADX's versatile 3-in-1 crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool.

After cleaning with this vacuum, our reviewers remarked on its quiet operation and incredible suction power. This combination is rarely found in the same model, and we were exceptionally pleased with the quiet and thorough clean that it provided us.

The Electrolux UltraOne Deluxe EL7085ADX canister vacuum cleaner is available exclusively from eVacuumStore.com, and comes backed with a generous 7 year manufacturer's warranty. To speak with one of our live representatives, please call 1-866-972-8227.