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Vacuum Bags offers a wide variety of vacuum cleaner bags for all major brands and canister vacuums and upright vacuums. Tracking down the bags for your vacuum cleaner in your local stores have become a hassle. To help determine what bag fits your vacuum cleaner, you can search by brand, model, and style. carries vacuum cleaner bags in genuine and also in generic styles.

If you need help tracking down the correct bag for you vacuum cleaners, offers fast and expert customer service. We have 3 simple ways to contact us, we are available for live chat, email, and also by phone 866-972-8227.

History of Vacuum Cleaner Bags:

Since the idea of the vacuum cleaner was first conceived in the late 1800’s, designers were challenged with devising a way of containing the debris that was picked up by their cumbersome, inefficient machines. Early methods of containing the unwanted dirt included blowing it away, as opposed to sucking it up, filtering through water and filtering through a cloth pillowcase. The latter method would prove to be the inspiration for which vacuum cleaner bags would be based.

After a nearly twenty-year period of experimentation, the disposable vacuum bag was introduced in 1920. These paper vacuum bags were commonly fitted within a cloth bag, and prevented the dirt from being introduced back into the air or back into the machine itself.

Many of the modern vacuum cleaners we have today still use a disposable vacuum bag. Many manufacturers, however, are also offering bagless vacuums, which most often feature a clear plastic canister that collects the debris. This method of containment has gained popularity because of its perceived convenience. Bagless vacuums obviously do not require continued replacement of bags, and it is easy to see when it needs to be emptied. However, when it comes time to empty these containers, a cloud of dust is often emitted, which is certainly counterproductive to the cleaning effort, and can even contribute to health problems.

Modern vacuum cleaner bags have come a long way since their paper counterparts of the 1920’s. Vacuum bags today are often constructed from a spun cotton material, and are quite efficient when it come to trapping micro-fine particulates. These bags can be purchased in all different types including genuine, generic, high filtration and allergy specific. Furthermore, vacuum bags are mostly universal so they are easy to obtain and are also very cost efficient. Today’s vacuum cleaner bags may cost as little as $20 for a years supply.

Although the bag vs. bagless debate is subjective to personal preference and individual needs, it seems clear that the good old-fashioned disposable vacuum bag is still the king of containment.
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