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Eureka Parts

With the large variety of Eureka vacuum cleaners, it is expected that there is an equal variety of vacuum parts for servicing and repair work.  From central vacuum systems like the CV3120G to the Eureka SmartVac 4870, and even the variety of Boss and Mighty Mite models, eVacuumStore has the extensive list of parts and the knowledge to help maintain your precious vacuum for years to come.  Popular parts generally include brushrolls, motors, wheels and various covers, but our collection of genuine Eureka vacuum parts is sure to contain what you're seeking.  Order directly through out website today or call for assistance!  Our staff is very familiar with the Eureka brand and would be happy to assist you.
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Lamb Ametek Vacuum Cleaner Motor - 119347-00
SKU: CV-116309
On Sale For:$69.99
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Eureka 240A RapidClean Charging Adapter
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Eureka 4200 Series Rear Housing
SKU: LUX-81312-5
On Sale For:$9.99
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8802AVZ Upright Handle Assembly
SKU: LUX-78459-1
On Sale For:$29.93
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Eureka AirSpeed Wheel and Axle Kit
SKU: LUX-16214-1
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SKU: LUX-83845-1
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Eureka Vacuum Stick Vac Batteries
SKU: LUX-68112
On Sale For:$24.95
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EUREKA Quick up cordless Charging Stand and transformer
SKU: LUX-60778
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Eureka Boss Lite Charging Stand
SKU: LUX-60778
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Eureka 5893 Motor Assembly
SKU: LUX-72394-1
On Sale For:$44.99
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Eureka 5400 Inner Cyclone Assembly
SKU: LUX-84212-1
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Eureka 8810AVZ Hood
SKU: LUX-61530
Price: $23.99
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Eureka Hood Assembly for model 8802
SKU: LUX-65130-2
On Sale For:$23.99
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Eureka Hood Assembly for model 8803
SKU: LUX-61530
Price: $23.99
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Eureka Base 62577
SKU: LUX-62577
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Eureka Base Assy
SKU: BISS-624111
On Sale For:$40.99
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Eureka AS1101 Sole Plate Assembly
SKU: LUX-82525
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Eureka AS1101 Brushroll On/Off Assembly 84708
SKU: LUX-84708
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Eureka Express Power Nozzle Rear Wheel
SKU: LUX-37434-2
On Sale For:$6.97
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Eureka Rally and Express Rear Wheel
SKU: LUX-26440-25
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Eureka Mighty Mite Rear Wheel
SKU: BISS-15409A119N
On Sale For:$7.99
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Rear wheel  for victory 4600 Series
SKU: LUX-61875-1
On Sale For:$5.99
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Eureka World Vac Rear Wheel
SKU: LUX- 27366-1
On Sale For:$4.99
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eureka 2961 front wheel
SKU: BISS-39173A119N
On Sale For:$5.97
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eureka 2961 axle
SKU: BISS-71478
On Sale For:$4.97
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Beam RugMaster Plus RP350
On Sale For:$179.00
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Eureka Canister Vacuum Floor Brush
SKU: BISS-38702A2
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Eureka Floor Nozzle for model 980
SKU: LUX-81448-119N
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Eureka Power Paw
SKU: LUX-HS62550
On Sale For:$15.95
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Eureka Dusting Brush Model 431 Series part# 74327
SKU: LUX-60990-2
On Sale For:$5.49
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