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Electrolux Guardian, Renaissance, & Epic 8000 Vacuum Hoses

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Every vacuum cleaner deserves a hose that will properly suit its specifications.  Electrolux is certainly no exception.  In regards to the Epic 8000, Epic 9000 and various Guardian models, eVacuumStore has the highest quality selection of vacuum hoses.  For the above mentioned models, there are two available hoses, both of which are genuine Electrolux vacuum parts.  These hoses are identical in compatibility and features with the only difference being the color; the available colors are grey and blue.  The two available Epic 8000, Epic 9000 and Guardian Electrolux vacuum hoses come standard with two, 3-way switches on their handles.  The bottom 3-position switch is used to turn the hose on, used to turn the power nozzle on and used to turn both off.  As for the other 3-way switch, it is used to moderate the suction power that the vacuum cleaner provides at three different levels of strength.  Fits Guardian models: C134A, C134B, C134C, C134D, C134E, C134F and C154B.

If it’s the Electrolux Renaissance that you have, the only vacuum hose still available is called the Renaissance hose carcass.  This carcass contains no electrical components and is meant for use with the hose handle that you currently have.  Unfortunately, like most other parts for this machine, the hose handle is no longer available.  This is due to the limited production of the Electrolux Renaissance vacuum from the years of 1994-1997.  Due to the age of this machine and the decrease in price of Electrolux vacuum cleaners since the 1990’s, it is recommended that you upgrade your sweeper and avoid the inconvenience of unavailable parts.  However, if you have made up your mind about maintaining the Renaissance and are in need of this hose carcass, we do offer an instructional video to show you how to replace it, step by step.

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Electrolux Guardian, 8000, and 9000 Hose Original
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Electrolux EPIC 8000 Hose
On Sale For:$269.99
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Electrolux Renaissance Vacuum Hose Carcass
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Electrolux Hose Hanger
SKU: CV-94102
On Sale For:$8.95
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