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SEBO Upright Vacuums

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The Versatile Nature of a SEBO Upright Vacuum

Thanks to almost thirty years of experience and innovation, the SEBO upright vacuum has become the standard for most other brands of sweepers.  With features like the automatic shut off, the flat-to-the-floor function, and a swivel neck, it's no wonder that this brand has been used as a model for most other major companies.  The automatic shut off is employed when debris becomes lodged in the brushroll of a SEBO vacuum cleaner.  This useful feature prevents the belt from snapping, the brush bar from wearing out, and the vacuum from overheating.  The high quality SEBO vacuum bags aid in maintaining the "Hospital Grade" filtration that cleans your air like no other vacuum.

For the most versatile cleaning, a SEBO upright vacuum also comes standard with the flat-to-the-floor function.  This unique capability allows for the low profile of these sweepers to easily clean under beds, couches and other furniture throughout your home.  No longer will dust bunnies remain elusive from the grasp of your SEBO vacuum do to the range that the flat-to-the-floor-function provides.

Providing additional maneuverability to the already versatile SEBO upright vacuums is the swivel neck function.  This particular feature allows the machine to rotate at the neck where the body of the vacuum attaches to the powerhead that contains the spinning brush roll.  Close to 180 degrees of swiveling to either side while vacuuming makes this brand of carpet sweeper one of the most convenient to use.  Replacing SEBO vacuum parts is also an inexpensive and easy process thanks to their simple design.  With models like the Felix Kombi, Felix Premium, Automatic X, and Electronic 370, SEBO is sure to have a machine to suit your needs.  For specific information regarding these high performing upright vacuums, please call eVacuumStore at 866-972-8227
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