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Miele Wands

How to Know Which Miele Vacuum Wand is Right for You

Regardless of its electrical nature, or lack thereof, a Miele canister vacuum is a household appliance that has the specifications to leave your home spotless and glistening.  The best way to ensure that your living area is of the healthiest air quality, and removed of all dirt and debris, is through the use of one of the various Miele power heads.  These top of the line parts are available as either turbo nozzles, nonelectric, or power nozzles, electric.  The brush roll inside of these attachments spin which helps to successfully loosen dirt and other particles from your carpets and hard surface floors.  

If your Miele vacuum is using a motorized tool, then an electric wand is required to transfer the necessary amount of energy from the canister to the power nozzle. The electrical components are integrated into the metal wand, providing a neat and convenient part for your machine. The majority of these vacuum wands are telescopic which provides additional reach while cleaning.  However, some are comprised of two pieces connected to one another.  

When your canister vacuum of this brand does not use electric attachments, and instead operates with the help of a turbo nozzle, a non-electric wand is the best way to go.  This extension tube is attached to the handle of the hose and makes its way to the turbo nozzle which helps to complete the connection and created a tight seal.  Do you need help determining which Miele vacuum wand you need for your vacuum cleaner?  Call eVacuumStore at 866-972-8227 for live assistance!
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Miele SET220 Telescopic Electric Wand
SKU: MIE-06594724
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Miele Non-Electric Telescopic Wand
SKU: MIE-10615280
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