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Central Vacuum Builder's Packages

Get the Perfect Package for New Construction or an Existing Residence!

We provide central vacuum builder's packages for any size house. Our BASIC kits are great for modest-sized homes. The PREMIER kits work well for medium-sized, and in some cases, large-sized houses. The PLATINUM builder's packages offer the best units and/or are for very large houses. Many of our builder's packages include an Electrolux central vacuum unit, and in most cases, that would be the brand of central vacuum we'd recommendalthough, there are also other central vacuum brands that could be considered top tier, and you'll see that reflected in the various packages we've put together. For example, Galaxie and Honeywell are great, reliable brands that are worth serious consideration.

In general, these central vacuum complete packages include the central vacuum unit itself, an electric (or non-electric) attachment kit, and of course all the piping and wiring you'll need to install it, in addition to the wall inlets. Some even include a vac-pan, which is a great addition to any homeowner's kitchen. So, what separates these packages from each other is the quality of the vacuum unit itself and the attachment kits that these packages include. Additionally, you'll see that some packages in the PLATINUM category that include free bonus items and offer excellent value.

In addition to the options we list here, customers can also "build" their own builder's packages by combining the unit and central vacuum attachments of their choice, along with our piping and installation kits. Of course, regardless of which avenue you choose to take, we're always around to provide assistancewhether you need assistance picking the perfect package, or installation assistance once you receive your package!
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