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Compare SEBO Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Scroll down to compare the features and specifications of all SEBO canister vacuums sold by eVacuumStore. All products come with free shipping and a generous warranty package. To find out more about a particular model, hover your mouse over the images and double-click to take yourself to the product page.

   SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium  SEBO Airbelt K2 Kombi  SEBO Airbelt K3   SEBO Airbelt K3 SEBO Airbelt E3
SEBO  SEBO AIRBELT D4 Premium Canister Vacuum  SEBO AIRBELT K2 Kombi Canister Vacuum SEBO AIRBELT K3 Canister Vacuum SEBO Airbelt K3 Pet Canister Vacuum SEBO Airbelt E1 Canister Vacuum
 Price  $1299.00  $399.00  $789.00 Discontinued $989.00 
 30 Day In Home Trial  
 Made in Germany

 Free Shipping  
 Allergy and Asthma Friendly  
 Warranty  5 Years  5 Years  5 Years  5 Years 5 Years 
 Weight  15.9 Lbs  12 Lbs  12 Lbs  12 Lbs  11.4 Lbs
 Color Black or White   Blue  Black  White Arctic White  
 Bag Capacity  1.5 Gallons  0.8 Gallons  0.8 Gallons  0.8 Gallons  0.8 Gallons
 Bag Style SEBO Airbelt D Bags  SEBO Airbelt K Bags  SEBO Airbelt K Bags  SEBO Airbelt K Bags SEBO Airbelt E Bags  
 Bag Charge Indicator  
 Filtration  S-Class Hospital Filtration   S-Class Hospital Filtration  S-Class Hospital Filtration  S-Class Hospital Filtration S-Class Hospital Filtration  
 Suction Power  1250 Air Watts  1250 Air Watts  1250 Air Watts  1250 Air Watts  700 Air Watts
 Suction Control  
 Airflow  120 CFM
120 CFM
120 CFM
120 CFM
 120 CFM
 Water Lift
 95 in
 110 in
 110 in
110 in
110 in 
Motor Amps   12  10.6  10.6  10.6 ft 10.6 ft 
Brush Speed
2700 RPM
2700 RPM
2700 RPM
 2700 RPM
 2700 RPM
 Suction Motor Protection
 Thermal  Thermal  Thermal  Thermal  Thermal 
 Cord Length  40 ft  25 ft  25 ft  25 ft  25 ft
 Cleaning Radius  52 ft  37 ft  37 ft  37 ft  37 ft
 Power Head Width  12 in   12 in  12 in  12 in  12 in 
 Hose Electric/Standard  Electric  Standard  Electric  Electric  Standard 
Hose Length   7 ft  7 ft  7 ft  7 ft  7 ft
 Sound Level
 63 dB
63 dB
 63 dB
 63 dB
 79 dB
Automatic Cord Rewind  
 Carrying Handle
 Adjustable Handle
 Ergonomic Handle  
 Handle Weight
1.5 Lbs
 1.5 Lbs
1.5 Lbs
 1.5 Lbs
 1.5 Lbs
 Rubber Wheels and Bumpers  
 Lays Flat  
Easy Detachable Powerhead     
 Powerhead Cleanout Port    
 Powerhead Reset    
 Lifetime Belt     
 Four Level Manual Height Adjustment    ✘    
 Incorrect Height Setting Light

  Edge Cleaning
 SEBO Premium Parquet Brush  
SEBO Kombi Floor Nozzle 
 SEBO Crevice Nozzle  
 SEBO Upholstery Nozzle  
 SEBO Dusting Brush  
 SEBO Powerheads     SEBO ET-1 Black Power Nozzle   SEBO ET-1 White Power Nozzle  SEBO ET-1 White Power Nozzle
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