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Often considered the "traditional vacuum cleaner", upright vacuums have both the motor and power head in front of the user when vacuuming. They are great for those who do not want to bend down (as with the canister). On average, they have a wider cleaning path, a longer power cord, a larger dirt capacity, and motorized bristles for deep cleaning of thick and heavy carpets. Moreover, many uprights are equipped with automatic height adjustment for easy transition to and from all types of flooring.

                Pros                                                            Cons

  •  Better on carpets; specifically wall to wall one level carpeted homes
  •  Wider cleaning path than most canisters
  •  No bending down to clean
  •  Better at deep cleaning high-pile carpets
  •  Heavier, bulkier machines
  •  Louder Operation

Pros and Cons of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Unlike the uprights, canister vacuum cleaners have the power head and hose detached from its body when vacuuming. This in turn makes the vacuum lighter and more maneuverable for the user. Many canisters come with a retractable cord reel for fast and easy cleanup. As a whole, a canister vacuum cleaner is great for those with little storage space.

                Pros                                                                           Cons

  •  Easier to maneuver
  •  More versatile cleaning
  •  Quieter operation
  •  Better than uprights at cleaning bare floors, drapes, upholstery, and under furniture
  •  Easier to handle when cleaning stairs
  •  Canister can remain stationary as you vacuum with the hose, wands, and other attachments
  •  Less compact than uprights, which makes storage more difficult
  •  Assembly is required before first use
  •  Bending over and lugging the unit behind you
  •  Uprights handle carpets better

Pros and Cons of Central Vacuum Cleaners

Central vacuum systems are a great investment for those who plan on selling their home sometime in the future. They last much longer than any other type of vacuum cleaner, and they have the ability to move briskly around from room to room. Say goodbye to those heavy canisters and power cords! Furthermore, central vacs have a very large dirt capacity, are quiet, and have been proven to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms. What could be better?

                         Pros                                                                            Cons

  •  Only the hose, wands, and attachments require mobility for cleaning
  •  Noise from power unit can be kept away from living area
  •  Exhaust can be pumped outdoors
  •  Extremely powerful
  •  Often comes with easy-storage products such as tool caddies and hose hangers
  •  Enormous dirt receptacle containers require infrequent emptying
  •  Bags are optional
  •  Versatile cleaning (as with canister)
  •  Better than uprights at cleaning bare floors, drapes, upholstery, and under furniture
  •  Easier to handle when cleaning stairs (no bulky parts)
  •  Expensive units
  •  Requires professional installation
  •  Long hose can scrape furniture or walls and can get caught on obstacles
  •  No easy mobile storage for cleaning attachments while vacuuming

Pros and Cons of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuums are easily the most maneuverable and versatile due to their cordless design and ability to double as a handheld vacuum. Stick vacuums are great for those who prefer lightweight vacuums that can easily nestle in and out of tight spaces. All stick vacuums come with a hygienic release button that effortlessly deposits all dust and debris into your chosen receptacle. Moreover, both the Dyson and Electrolux stick vacuums are designed with cyclonic technology that ensures that you have powerful, consistent suction each and every time you vacuum. Hooray for sticks!

                Pros                                                           Cons

  •  Many are cordless and use battery power
  •  Lightweight
  •  Bagless
  •  No bending down to clean
  •  Good for cleaning up small messes quickly
  •  Many are 2-in-1 handheld vacuums
  •  Less powerful motors
  •  Poor carpet cleaning performance
  •  Noisy despite weak motor
  •  Bagless stick vacuums have less filtration because of limited space
  •  Battery-powered stick vacuums have limited run time
  •  Batteries frequently have a shorter-than-preferred lifetime
  •  Sacrifices helpful features, such as hoses, attachment tools, and bags so it can lose weight

Pros and Cons of Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight, maneuverable devices that can easily reach tight areas of your home. They are really good for quick pickups around your dorm room. Their bagless construction makes it easy to deposit dirt, and you save money because you never need to buy bags. Depending on whether or not your unit is corded or cordless, there are numerous other benefits available to you.

                Pros                                                           Cons

  •  Extremely lightweight and easy to handle
  •  Good for low-pile carpets, bare floors, and quick pickups
  •  Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places
  •  Some are cordless, others corded
  •  Cordless handheld vacuums don't have a lengthy cord
  •  Corded handheld vacuums have an unlimited run time
  •  Easy to store
  •  Less power than other vacuum styles
  •  Less capacity than other vacuum styles
  •  Cordless handheld vacuums have a limited run time
  •  Corded handheld vacuums can only reach as far as the cord length

Pros and Cons of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are great for those with very busy lives and wish to leave the vacuuming to a smart device that can be programmed to carry out duties that would normally be performed by humans. iRobot is arguably the most well-known manufacturer of this vacuum type.

                Pros                                                           Cons

  •  Hands-free, no manual labor required whatsoever
  •  Many models are easy to program
  •  Great for the busy professional
  •  Remote control on some models
  •  Can lock themselves into rooms
  •  Many models are not straightforward to set up
  •  Programming can be unclear and time-consuming
  •  Unreliable, may miss crucial spots that need cleaning the most
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