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Pros and Cons of Vacuum Features

Feature Type  Pros
  •  Environmentally-friendly because of less waste from throwing away bags
  •  Bagless machines thwart the inconvenience of dealing with torn bags
  •  Save money on bags
  •  Buy more filters than bagged vacuums
  •  Bagged models hold more dirt and dust
  •  Dust and debris can be released back into air when emptying
  •  Less appealing to allergy and asthma sufferers
 Electric Power Head
  •  More powerful, efficient, reliable and consistent
  •  Handles deep-pile carpets with ease
  •  Good agitation
  •  Second motor for brushroll requires additional maintenance from time to time
  •  More expensive then standard power head
  •  Unnecessary for low-pile carpets
 Air Driven
  •  Less expensive than motorized brushrolls
  •  Handles low-pile or shallow carpets
  •  Not as effective on thick, high-pile carpeting
  •  Not as powerful or consistent as motorized brushes
 Brush On/Off Switch
  •  Avoid damaging hardwood or tiled floors while using power nozzle
  •  Avoid scattering debris when vacuuming non-carpeted floors
  •  Avoid potentially dangerous or damaging results of vacuum tipping over while brush roller is on
 Pet Vacuums
  •  Attachments designed for picking up pet hair
  •  Charcoal filters absorb pet odors directly from the filter bag
  •  More expensive than non-pet vacuums
 Automatic Height Adjustment
  •  Less work, no worrying that you'll forget to change the height
  •  Less control over the type of cleaning you want
 Manual Height Adjustment
  • More Control over cleaning, better for matching to unique or specific carpet types
  •  Possibility of forgetting to change the carpet height or adjusting it inaccurately
 HEPA Filtration
  •  Filters only need to be changed twice a year
  •  HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles, allergens, and dust from the air
  •  HEPA filters capture particles smaller than 0.3 microns
  •  Ideal for individuals with asthma or allergies
  •  HEPA Filters can be expensive
  •  Cordless vacuums can be moved around the house without unplugging and replugging the power cord
  •  Less expensive
  •  Cordless vacuums have limited run time
  •  Batteries have limited lifetime and sometimes are not replaceable
  •  Less powerful motor
 Bag Full Indicator
  •  Alerts you when bag is full or almost full
  •  Prevents bags from overfilling and decreasing vacuum efficiency
  •  Can sometimes give incorrect readings or signals that hinder performance
  •  Allows you to see what you are vacuuming when cleaning under low tables when it's dark
  •  Makes it easier to see debris or spots you have neglected to clean
  •  Headlight can be overkill and unnecessary
  •  Replacement batteries for some models
  •  Adds to price of the vacuum
 Motor Protection System
  •  Protects motor from overheating, especially during brush roll jam
 Retractable cord
  •  No cord storage necessary
  •  Helps reduce tangles or knots
  •  Protects cord when vacuum not in use
  •  Makes clean up time faster and easier
  •  Difficult to replace or repair if it breaks
  •  Poor mechanism on some specific models
  •  Helps reduce physical exertion when pushing vacuum across carpet
  •  Adds another belt and another mechanical component that could break or require repair
  •  Adds excessive weight to the vacuum making it difficult to carry
 Suction Control
  •  Allows more control over suction power to prevent damage to delicate surfaces
  •  Maximize power on deep, high-pile carpets
  •  Adds an additional feature that may not be necessary in all homes
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