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Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Why to Choose a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The are many benefits of a backpack vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is ideal for commercial or residential cleaning.  Professional cleaners use the backpack vacuum to clean schools, hotels, hospitals, elevators, cafeterias, and office buildings.  Large residential homes with multiple floors find Backpack vacuum cleaners highly efficient, convenient and easy to use. The commercial cleaning industry favors these cleaners for their mobility, low maintenance and high productivity. Most come with a crevice tool and attachments to reach, vents, ceiling fans, shelves, corners.  

Backpack vacuums can fit in areas where other vacuums don’t, places such as stairs, cubicles, chairs, and desks.  Backpack vacuum cleaners strap onto your back and are designed for the cleaning person on the move that has a lot of ground to cover.  The backpack vacuum comes with a full set of cleaning attachments, and a 50 foot extension cord so you can cover a large area without changing outlets.  Backpack vacuums are the ideal vacuum cleaners for property management companies and large houses with multiple floors. If you're part of a janitorial company and are interested in other machines, then take a look at all the janitorial equipment we offer.

866-972-8227 | Price Match Guarantee | Free Shipping Over $35
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