Time to change your SEBO brushroll but don't know how? Well, you've come to the right place. Read on through this step by step guide on how to clean and replace your SEBO brushroll so you can get back to making your home spic and span.

1. Lay Vacuum Flat

SEBO Felix Lay FlatTo start, lay your vacuum flat on the ground with the brushroll facing towards you. This allows you the luxury of sitting down to change your brushroll as opposed to bending over.

2. Press Button and Turn Cap

On the SEBO Powerhead ET-1, you will see a small black button with the word "PRESS" on it. As you press on this button with your left hand, you want to remove the cap at the same time by turning it with your right hand.

SEBO Felix Press Button
SEBO brushroll turn cap

3. Remove Cap and Brushroll

Once you've taken off the cap, slowly remove the brushroll from the motor head.

SEBO Brushroll Cap
SEBO remove brushroll

      4. Remove Debris from Brushroll

    Once you've separated the brushroll from the power nozzle, start manually clearing the debris. In our case, human hair is twined around the brushroll and in-between the blue bristles.

SEBO brushroll
SEBO brushroll human hair

5. Reinsert Brushroll

Once you've cleared all the debris, it's time to reinsert the brushroll back into the SEBO ET-1 powerhead. Remember, the brushroll is not going to look brand new. However, there should be a considerable differentiation between when you first removed the brushroll and when you're reinserting it. 

SEBO brushroll clean
SEBO replace brushroll

6. Reattach Cap

Once you've reinserted the brushroll, it's time to reattach the cap. If you look at the pictures, you will see that the small hollow hole on the inside of the cap is made to fit into the metal tip at the end of the brushroll. You must align the two parts together in order to reattach the cap.

SEBO brushroll inside cap
SEBO brushroll end

7. Secure Cap and Throw Away Debris

Following the previous step, align the small hole with the peg and push firmly to snap the cap back into place. Lastly, dispose all dirt and debris in the trash.

SEBO brushroll replace cap
SEBO brushroll replace cap push

The following how-to guide was created using the SEBO Felix upright, which comes fitted with the SEBO ET-1 powerhead. However, the same process can be applied to the SEBO ET-2 powerhead and similar models.

SEBO Mechanical 350 Brushroll

1. Lay Vacuum Flat

SEBO Mechical 350 Lay FlatTo start, lay the vacuum down on its side. This allows you the luxury of sitting down to change the bristles on your brushroll as opposed to bending over. You don't want to lay the vacuum on its backside, as imaged in the previous example, because there is a button you need to press on the front of the motor head so you can access the bristles.

2. Press Button and Remove Side Cap

On the front of the SEBO Mechanical powerhead , you will see a small white button. As you press on this button with your right hand, you will see a white side compartment piece push upward on the side of the vacuum. Remove this piece with your right hand and set aside for later.

SEBO Mechnical Press Button
SEBO Compartment Cap

3. Align Bristles w/ Opening

On the side of the SEBO Mechanical powerhead , you will see two small gold circles. These must be lined up and visible to you side by side. Once they are lined up, you may start removing the bristles from the brushroll by grasping and pushing forward on the bristles inside the motor head.

SEBO Bristles
SEBO Bristles Removal

4. Assess Bristles and Reinsert

Once you removed the bristles, you may either remove dirt and debris from the bristles or completely replace the bristles with a new set.

SEBO Bristles Removed
SEBO Bristles Reinsert

5. Replace Cap

Once you've reinserted the bristles, align the cap into the proper position and push forcefully to snap it shut.

SEBO Replace Cap
SEBO Cap Replaced Push

We hope you found this how-to guide easy to follow and informative, and as always, you can call our free customer support line at 1-866-972-8227 and speak with a trained vacuum specialist about any questions or concerns you may have. Happy vacuuming!