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Modern Day Central Vacuum

MD Style Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems have gone through many drastic changes over the years that have altered them for the better.  Their capabilities, although similar, have been able to go above and beyond those of upright and canister vacuum cleaners; however, that is not to say that the always classic canister and upright models are obsolete. The central vacuum allows for unsurpassed power, allowing for the simplified cleaning of the home in a very thorough manner. Perhaps one of the most popular features of a modern day central vacuum is the reduction of irritants within the air quality of your home.  The power unit is installed in a location outside of the living area, most commonly a utility room or garage, which helps to greatly reduce dust, allergens and other harmful particles. In most cases, the machine can even be exhausted outside which helps to provide the best possible filtration, surpassing even that of a HEPA filter. This increasingly popular method of ventilation is ideal for homes where individuals suffer from allergies and asthma.

When searching for a central vacuum system it is important to note which brands have been ahead of the curve in relation to quality and overall performance. There are numerous brands of high-performing machines that include Beam, Eureka, Honeywell, Nutone and many others. However, perhaps the most powerful and unique central vacuum is the Electrolux machine. The Electrolux central vacuum is available in various models with the most powerful being the Electrolux PU3900.  This power unit is designed for homes that range up to 12,000 square feet and offers a self-cleaning HEPA filter for the highest levels of filtration and convenience.  Also offered is the environmentally friendly, Electrolux Green Central Vacuum.  This machine is built from 75% recycled materials and offers industry leading energy efficiency with its minimal energy output. 

The central vacuum installation process is a fruitless effort without the correct attachments to assist with cleaning your living area. To keep up with the standards of the modern day central vacuum systems currently available, it is highly recommended to pay just as much attention to the accessories being distributed.  For top of the line attachments for this modern style of vacuum cleaner, the brands to consider are Lindhaus, Cen-Tec and Hayden. These attachments are guaranteed to support your central machine and successfully clean any surface in any home. For more details on the evolution of the modern day central vacuum system make sure to contact the specialists at eVacuumStore by calling 866-972-8227.

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