Just purchased an Electrolux? Want to know how to quickly and efficiency change your motor and exhaust filters? We'll you have come to the right place. eVacuumStore has broken down the steps one by one. Read on to find out how.

How to Change Electrolux Canister Motor Filter

1. Open Interior Housing

The motor filter is located behind the Electrolux S bag inside the vacuum. To open, push upward on the "S BAG" tab to reveal the interior housing. When you hear and feel a "click", you know the exterior casing is positioned correctly so it won't fall or clamp down as you're working on the inside.

Electrolux Open Housing
Electrolux Housing Open

2. Open Motor Filter Compartment

The motor filter is located behind the Electrolux S Bag. To reach it, simply push the bag to the side. To open up the motor filter compartment, press downward to release the locking mechanism and pull forward to access the motor filter.

Electrolux Motor Filter Compartment
Electrolux Motor Filter

3. Remove Motor Filter

Made out of small white mesh material, the motor filter is designed to catch miscellaneous particulate matter before it reaches the motor. It is ideal to change the motor filter once per every five Electrolux bags you go through.

Electrolux Motor Filter
Electrolux Motor Filter Compartment Closed

4. Replace Motor Filter

Replace the motor filter and close up the motor compartment.

Electrolux motor filter
Electrolux motor filter compartment closed

5. Close Interior Housing

After you replace the motor filter, simply close up the interior housing and start vacuuming once again.

Electrolux Exterior housing closing
Electrolux exterior housing closed

How to Change Electrolux Canister Exhaust Filter

1. Open Interior Housing

The exhaust filter is located inside the interior of the Electrolux UltraOne Deluxe canister vacuum. To open, press on the silver "Filter" button on the rear of the canister body.

Electrolux Exterior Housing Filter Button
Electrolux Exterior Housing Casingl

2. Remove and wash (if applicable) HEPA filter

Once the interior housing is opened, you will immediately have access to either a green replaceable HEPA H12 filter or a blue washable HEPA H12 filter. In either case, you should plan on performing routine maintenance at least once a year. 

Electrolux HEPA Filter Insert
Electrolux Blue H12 Filterl

3. Reinsert HEPA filter and Close Housing

Reinsert your new or freshly cleaned HEPA filter into the compartment.

Electrolux HEPA filter reinsert
Electrolux HEPA Filter

4. Close Interior Housing

Close up the interior housing by gently pushing forward on the exterior casing until you hear a distinct "click".

Electrolux Exterior Housing Closed

How to Change Electrolux Upright Motor Filter

1. Release Dust Bin

Electrolux Dust Cup Release ButtonPress on the gray dust bin release button located near the carry handle of the Electrolux Precision Brushroll vacuum cleaner to separate the dust chamber from the rest of the vacuum.

2. Open Motor Filter Chamber

To open the motor filter chamber, you gently press on a gray release button located on the side of the dust cup chamber.

Electrolux Motor Filter Release
Miele interior housing

2. Remove and Wash Filter

On the underside of the motor filter chamber, sits a washable motor filter. Tug on the blue washable thread to remove the filter and wash over the sink. Let it dry 24 hours before reinserting.

Electrolux Washable Motor Filter
Electrolux Washable Motor Filter 2

3. Reinsert Washable Filter

Reinsert motor filter back into filter chamber. 

Electrolux Motor Filter Reinsert
Electrolux Motor Filter Push

4. Reattach Motor Filter Chamber to Dust Cup

Align the clear latch on the motor filter chamber with the flat groove on the dust cup canister. Slide the head over the top of the dust cup chamber, and insert the clear notch into the proper compartment.

Electrolux Dust Cup Head Replace
Electrolux Dust Cup Replace 2

How to Change Electrolux Upright Exhaust Filter

1. Remove Bagless Canister

In order to reach the filter, you must remove the bagless dust container by pressing the release button located on top of the vacuum.

Electrolux dust bin release
Electrolux bagless canister

2. Press Filter Release Button

On the circular shelf where the bagless canister sits, there is a silver release button that opens up the filter chamber.

Electrolux Filter Release Button
Electrolux Filter Chamber Open

3. Remove HEPA filter

As viewed in the right-hand image above, the exterior casing that covers the blue HEPA H12 filter will separate from the vacuum. To remove the filter, simply grasp the small blue handle with your thumb and forefinger and pull out.

Electrolux HEPA Filter removal
Electrolux HEPA filter removed

4. Reinsert Filter
Once you've either replaced or washed (depending on model) your HEPA filter. It's time to reinsert the fresh filter close up the filter chamber. To reinsert, simply guide the HEPA filter back to its spot with hand. To close up the filter chamber, align the two notches on the bottom of the casing with the tiny holes and push until you hear a distinct "snap".

Electrolux HEPA Filter
Electrolux Filter Chamber open

Electrolux filter chamber

We hope you found this guide both helpful and informative in teaching you how to change your Electrolux vacuum filters. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our customer service department at 1-866-972-8227.