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As with many things, the old adage that "you get what you pay for" rings true with vacuum cleaners. It may be tempting to buy a low-end vacuum cleaner at a discounted price, but we often see bargain vacuums stop working or deteriorate after just a year or two of use. The vicious cycle of buying and discarding cheap vacuum cleaners can ultimately cost you more than one high-end model. 

With that in mind, we encourage our customers to consider these vacuums as an investment. When you purchase any of the vacuums on this list, you can be assured that you are investing in many years of consistent, powerful floor and indoor air cleansing.  

Miele C3 MarinMiele Complete C3 Marin
If you're looking for a vacuum with the same great cleaning power as the C3 Brilliant with a more modest presentation, consider the Miele Complete C3 Marin. This sleek canister vacuum cleaner's sapphire blue finish will add an elegant pop of color as it glides throughout your home. The LED headlight on its SEB236 power nozzle illuminates the dark spaces under beds, tables, and other furniture to ensure that no dirt or dust gets left behind. Among its other value-adding features are its on-board tool storage, durable 72" canister hose, six variable suction control settings, and automatic cord rewind. 

SEBO D4 canister with ET-2 powerheadSEBO D4 Canister with ET-2 Powerhead
The SEBO D4 canister vacuum cleaner is one of the most verastile canister vacuum cleaners on the market. A 40' power cord, 320º swivel canister hose, and telescoping wand give the D4 a generous 50' cleaning radius. SEBO's ET-2 power nozzle offers a 14.75" cleaning path, easy-change brushroll, four-setting height adjustment dial, and a swivel neck for unrivaled maneuverability. This power nozzle also features two lights that indicate brushroll status and alert you to incorrect brushroll height. If you're looking for a SEBO canister package with a more modest price tag, we carry a selection of D-series canisters with different attachment options. 

Electrolux EL7085ADX UltraOneElectrolux UltraOne EL7085ADX Deluxe 
Let this user-friendly Electrolux UltraOne EL7085ADX Deluxe canister vacuum cleaner take all the guesswork out of vacuuming. Its electronic suction control automatically adjusts airflow and suction power to the type of surface you're cleaning. This allows for seamless transitions between different floor types and worry-free cleaning of drapes, upholstery, and other delicate surfaces. The canister also features a multi-faceted docking system for easy hose, wand, and attachment storage, large-capacity S-bag dustbag, and a washable HEPA filter.  

Miele Dynamic U1 AutoEco uprightMiele Dynamic U1 AutoEco Upright
The Miele Dynamic U1 AutoEco offers the same capable cleaning performance of Miele canister vacuums in a convenient upright configuration. To make easy work of cleaning stairs, upholstery, drapes, and other above-the-floor surfaces, the instant-use extension wand provides suction power as soon as it is removed from its storage slot. The AutoEco derives its name from its smart, self-adjusting suction controls. When you move between different surfaces, the AutoEco will sense the change and adjust brushroll height accordingly. 

Miele Complete C3 BrilliantMiele Complete C3 Brilliant
This canister vacuum cleaner is the most opulent model we carry. The Complete C3 Brilliant comes with Miele's premium SEB236 power nozzle. Its suction power can be controlled via two switches on the handle, which also sports an LED screen indicating which surface type your vacuum is set to clean. The most notable distinction between this and other vacuum cleaners is the Brilliant's design. The canister itself has a matte bronze finish instead of the shiny plastic of its fellow Miele canister vacuums. It is also the only vacuum cleaner to feature a velvet canister bumper and underbody LED light strips.

It's no coincidence that this list is made up of mostly SEBO and Miele vacuum cleaners. These brands pride themselves on meticulous engineering, so SEBO and Miele owners can invariably count on powerful suction, durable construction, and a touch of style that elevates the whole experience of vacuuming. The Electrolux EL7085ADX on the list is part of our Electrolux Ultra Collection, a line of high-end vacuum cleaners available exclusively at Whichever model you choose, we are confident that your new vacuum cleaner will provide you with clean air, sparkling floors, and peace of mind for years to come.

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