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Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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Upright vacuum cleaners are very easy to use and store. They operate with a belt-driven power head that is attached to the body of the machine. Dirt is collected in either  vacuum cleaner bags or a dust cup. While upright sweepers most commonly use a bag, there are many bagless upright vacuums that are increasing in popularity. There are many features to consider when choosing the right sweeper for your needs. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you'll want to find a cleaning machine that uses HEPA filtration to remove dust and allergens from the air. Most bagless vacuum cleaner systems will use HEPA filtration to increase the efficiency of the machine.

There are many types of upright vacuum cleaners available from many different brands. There are high quality machines that offer high-tech features like the automatic height adjustment and flat-to-the-floor profile for reaching under furniture as well as less expensive machines like a Eureka upright vacuum, which is good for all types of residential cleaning. While it is often thought that these stand-up sweepers should only be used for carpeting because of their motorized brushrolls, more and more uprights are being designed for use on hard floors. Some of these models, like the Electrolux Nimble, use a switch to turn the brushroll on when being used on carpets and off when being used on hard floors. This feature is great for avoiding scuffs and scratches on smooth floors.

When deciding to purchase an upright vacuum cleaner, there are many things to consider before making your purchase. You'll want to take the size of your home into account as well as the types of flooring and your personal preferences. If you have any pets or if you suffer from allergies, you'll want a unit with more powerful suction that uses high efficiency filtration. If you have hardwood floors, you'll need a machine that has the ability to clean using straight-suction instead of the belt-driven beater bar. For allergies and pets you'll need a unit that uses a powerful motor for increased suction. Most upright sweepers will use a 12 amp motor and some of the bagless vacuum cleaners will even use cyclonic suction. While bagless sweepers aren't typically recommended for those with pets, the suction technology can be quite effective. We also have a large selection of canister vacuums.

While many upright vacuum cleaners are heavier than a canister vacuum, there are many lightweight upright sweepers available. We offer many solutions for any cleaning setting, both residential and commercial. If you need a sweeper for your business or office space, you'll want to use a commercial vacuum. These sweepers are typically more durable and powerful for larger cleaning areas and more frequent use. Commercial upright vacuum cleaners will often have a shorter warranty period because of the amount of use that they typically get. In addition to a great selection of commercial and residential upright vacuum cleaners, we also feature the vacuum cleaner parts and accessories on our site. You can find the detailed parts diagrams and schematics for almost any upright vacuum cleaner on our site, if you require further assistance contact our customer support team at 1-866-972-8227.

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