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Compare Vacuum Cleaners

On this page, you can find an entire library of user-friendly comparison tables for each manufacturer that we carry on Learn all about are top of the line canisters, uprights, and stick vacuums with just a few clicks of your mouse. Each vacuum comes with free shipping, a comprehensive warranty package, and select vacuums offer a risk-free 30 day in home trial. 


Upright vacuums have both the motor and power head in front of the user when vacuuming. They are great for those who do not want to bend down (as with the canister). On average, they have a wider cleaning path, a longer power cord, a larger dirt capacity, and motorized bristles for deep cleaning of thick and heavy carpets.  Moreover, many uprights are equipped with automatic height adjustment for easy transition to and from all types of flooring. 


Canister vacuum cleaners have the power head and hose detached from its body when vacuuming. This in turn makes the vacuum lighter and more maneuverable for the user. Many canisters come with a retractable cord reel for fast and easy cleanup. As a whole, a canister vacuum cleaner is great for those with little storage space. 


Stick vacuums are easily the most maneuverable and versatile due to their cordless design and ability to double as a handheld vacuum. Stick vacuums are great for those who prefer lightweight vacuums that can easily nestle in and out of tight spaces. All stick vacuums come with a hygienic release button that effortlessly deposits all dust and debris into your chosen receptacle. Moreover, both the Dyson and Electrolux stick vacuums are designed with cyclonic technology that ensures that you have powerful, consistent suction each and every time you vacuum. Hooray for sticks! 

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